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Seams to work and at the end do not work

Hi guys,

I use GSA, GSA indexer, SEREngines and Captcha Breaker (we could say the whole package) since one month and now I verified all links from my main project only to be sure that verfied ones are really verified. The shocking end result was that only 8 links were ok. 8 links after a month and many thousand outgoing links shows me that I make something wrong. I use Wicked Article Creator for the content and a for captchas which Captcha Breaker can not solve I use deathbyCaptcha. For email I use SuperHAC. Only by proxies I relay on public ones (I think it will take longer to get the daily links together and private proxies will not have such significant influence). Well could it be that I configured link verficiation wrong?! With 8 links in one month I will not jump very far ;-) Suggestions would be great and very welcomed.

PS: I also made by hand nearly 2 dozend t1 and for these t1 I made t2 with GSA - I have not checked/verified by hand the links of t1 and t2 till now


  • SvenSven

    Wait, you got 8 verified links after a months? Thats way way too less of course. Did you see more (got removed again on re-verify) or was it always just 8?

    If oyu read the forum some longer you know whats coming now...

    PUBLIC PROXIES SUCK! (@Ozz feel free to add a nice gfx) ;)

    But yes, the proxies are probably your only problem here. Depending on the engines you use, I would clear history and start without proxies to see how that goes (might be no good idea for engines that look a bit spammy).

  • Hi Sven,

    I think I should explain more detailed. I have a lot of domains (around 50 with no T1´s) which should get links from GSA to stay alive in the eyes of Google. But for one domain I made myself the work to build up T1s (around 25 with around 4-9 pages, pictures and superspun articles from articlebuilder). These T1s are equiped with T2 (3 times) made with GSA. T3 I would like to make too but I did not started because it does not make sence when nearly no verified links exist.
    When I talk about the 8 verified links I only talk about verified links of the money site (but T1 and T2 are similar - ranging from 3 to 30 links - not manualy checked).
    How do I come to these 8 verified links:
    At the beginning I had much more verified links - between 100 to 200 but I checked some links manualy and found out that by far not all are working. So I decided to put verification to 5760 minutes only to prevent that the indexer run hot with not working links. After 5760 minutes (4 days) not much is left for indexing. The 100 to 200 verified links declined also by reverifing and new come only less. I ended up with about 30 verified links this morning and did a manual extra test which showed me only 8 links work.
    About proxies - sure paid one are much better and faster too but I still manage to get my daily links without them which means I get about 100 links per day (changed from 50 per day to 100 per day to see any difference). The issue is that these 100 links get lost so fast.
    I do not know what I make wrong but that I make something wrong is obvious.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    My picture is better than the one Ozz did :D


  • SvenSven

    @Stoffl your 4 days are a bit too much in my eyes, especially for engines posting on "moving pages". But you have disabled them anyway I guess.

    Anyway "a picture tells more than 100 words" (if thats the correct German->English translation). Can you make some screenshots of your project settings? This might be more helpful to see where the problem is.

  • Hallo Sven,
    hast du eine email Adresse für mich?
    Sende Dir dann die Screenshots dorthin

    PS: was meinst du damit "engines posting on "moving pages". But you have disabled them anyway I guess." Disabled was?
  • SvenSven

    You started English now let's continue that way ;)

    With "moving pages" I mean engines like Guestbooks where your entry will appear on top right after you post but as soon as e.g. 20 other posts appear, yours will move to page 2 and is no longer visible to the software.

    Check pm for the email address.

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