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General range that GSA SER can rank a website/webpage according to exact search statistics

Now before says that all of this varies, I understand but generally speaking what can SER alone rank FIRST without, blog networks or buying links etc.


500 exact search per month
10000 exact search per month



  • Bueller??

    Erm 9642 exactly!
  • Sorry Krusha, Im not looking for funny answers, I would much rather have a real answer.
  • Exact search statistics do not relate to competition on their own, so the question can't really be answered. I am sure there are high vol, low competition KWs that no one really cares to rank for. And there obviously low vol, high comp KWs that people battle over.

    Use any keyword tool and ask yourself if the different KWs at the same search vol would be all worth the same if you ranked them. No, right?
  • Apology accepted!

    How does the karma system work?
    You have 462 karma and ask a question like that?
  • I tried to rank a 2400 ES (exact searches) health niche but was never able to rank it. I ranked a 35K ES gaming niche in around a month or so to #2 position and I'm making money today (not much, but still, I plan to expand the sites network to make more and more niche sites to make at least $50/day).

    So it can't be really compared. If you dive into a niche that has less competition, you'll succeed even in a 250K searched term, but if you instead choose even a 1K searched term like me, for example a health niche, you might never rank and make money thereby. So it all depends on case per case, niche to niche.

    Best of luck.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited August 2013
    Yes, it is too varied to say. I am in position 1-3  for some GSA only projects with 20k exact. But others I have tried with 5k EM I am not in top 30 pages... So it's possible but there are many variables, many of which only Google knows.  Try it and see what happens.
  • goonergooner
    That's the key phrase right there... "Only Google knows" - So you can only build some links and amend your SEO plan based on the rankings you get.
  • Btw, I have moved that 35K EM from #2 to #1 today on Feeling proud ass lol. Thanks to SER.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Pratik - congratulations!
  • @AlexR Thanks a lot. Learned a lot from guys like you, @ron, LeeG, etc.
  • Tim89Tim89
    well done @Pratik that must of increased your earnings by 37%
  • edited August 2013
    @Tim89 I'm sort of doing CPA as it has got good offers for gaming niches. But yes, now I'm seeing some fruitful results than I was having a week back. I hope I'm able to push out to $30-50 constantly for that niche site everyday in under a month. And also hope to maintain my rankings.

    Ranking site is one thing and making money from it is another thing. I am glad that I'm able to do both. Granted, for 35K EM, one might think or believe that I should be earning a lot more, but its great even if I could achieve $30-$50/day mark within a month. Also considering its a gaming niche site and I've nothing to promote which is to be sold, I'd have less earnings comparatively when compared to ranking for example a clickbank niche site for 35K EM.

    Another niche site is already on steps to success like first one, and it'd yield quite nice like this site or maybe even a bit more once it makes in top 1-3. Also there's 3rd niche site that's getting treatment currently under SER (lol) which maybe do good in next 2-3 months, considering its a slightly competitive niche.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @Pratik congrats but how are you only earning around that amount you mentioned? 35k searches a month equates to roughly over a 1,000 searches a day? :)] that means your getting an EPC of around 0.30 - 0.50?

    depends on the keyword and the niche I suppose but even still, for a keyword to have that many searches, theres got to be something that the visitor is after! still, congrats
  • goonergooner
    @pratik - there was a WSO about CPA offers in the gaming niche recently, might help you with offer selection/conversions etc. I haven't read it so i don't know if it's any good. PM me if you want a link to it.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I got to rank 1 for a keyword that yields 100 searches a month and I'm earning £40 a day from it.
  • @gooner I'm not into buying those ebooks or WSOs. IMHO I personally feel it as a waste of money and time. I just learn from my experience and see what works best for me.

    @Tim89 Well, that's how it is. I get an EPC of around $0.10 or so in average. There are many visitors but not all of them will click and do offers. I'll try several ways to see if I can increase conversion, although the design currently I have is very beautiful. I guess I could try a simple design as well.

    And you are already bossing out even with as low searches as 100/mo, that's definitely deserving more compliments rather than me haha.
  • Btw,

    Being shifted to #2. Might be a bit of a dance, but either way, I'm satisfied with #2 as well. I might achieve #1 again soon if the links are being made at same rate though.
  • goonergooner
    @pratik - I don't buy them either but i saw it on a BH site and thought it might help you, no worries tho.
  • @gooner No problem. I also usually stay away from visiting such sites for safety purpose, haha. Yeah, I'm paranoid too much. :P
  • edited September 2013
    Good news. After I made my 1st niche site rank on #2 position, I made my second niche site rank today on #2 spot on as well. It was wandering around 2nd page or so or sometimes first page. However it still received around 750+ uniques daily.

    So today is 12 hours passed since GMT +5:30 reporting time and here are unique visitor stats so far:


    Still 12 hours to go till the day ends!

    This niche is a gaming niche related too which I'm using CPA to promote, it has around 71,500 EXACT SEARCHES! per month. I won't disclose much but it made me $20 yesterday. I'm quite happy if I get same rate daily too, but I would love to scale up and also try to get on top #1 position from #2 if possible.

    Also to anyone who may wonder, yes I did this ONLY WITH SER ALONE and nothing else. I started SEO since very day 1. It took me around 45 days to get here.

    So yes SEO still works in today's date, I'm seeing success right now, so micro niche site still works in this date. DO NOT give up whatsoever happens. Just continue to do what you're doing.

    Also yeah, if anyone may wonder, this is a ONE PAGER site. :\">

    Thanks to everybody on this forum who helped, guys like @ron and @Sven for this immensely wonderful software.

    Keep'em blasting!

    Thank you.
  • Pratik which CPA network you're using?

  • @baba I'm a member on AdworkMedia but I actually told it in short to explain people. I actually use a PPD network currently, which brokers offers from CPA networks.
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