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Captcha Help or Feature Request

Ok was trying to crack a captcha for and have come across one that states the numbers in letters. Is there anyway to convert.

i.e four seven six nine zero one = 476901

tried using the hash but its a mover so not possible :(

Hope someone can help



  • SvenSven
    you can do that when editing the ini manually..."ocr replace=A;4|B;8|C;0"
  • but for this captcha its not that easy. what you need to to is to label your captchas as "four seven six nine zero one" to find a way that CB read the letters accordingly. even if the answer were "taur seyen ..." for example than it could work with the "ocr replace=" that Sven mentioned.

    ocr replace=four;4|taur;4|seven;7|seyen;7....

    if you like to play with this than you can download my samples. i never found a good way to make them readable.
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