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how to improve Article Directory success rate?

edited August 2012 in Need Help
I only have 1 live link. Can you guys share any tips? Thank you.


  • Oh no, this starts now here too ;)
  • Offtopic: In the long run it would help to write some FAQ about recurring topics. A "best of" BHW could help also to identify such topics. 

    I think its in no one interest if the same question is asked again and again and everyone should use the search function first. 

    Nonetheless, there aren't stupid questions, there are only stupid answers (according to a popular german saying). 
  • OT too: In Switzerland we understand this german saying too ;) (and beside this you gave him a really exact answer). I'm only asking myself if people would really invest time to extract the information from the forum here to write a FAQ (and Sven shouldn't have to to this). But I completely agree, it may not degenerate in asking the same questions over and over again like at BHW.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Is everyone from Switzerland and Germany here?! I'm from Africa and just spent 2 weeks in Germany and have been to Switzerland before (worked near Zurich in a ski resort)...(Switzerland is great BTW!) 

    Currently travelling Greece :-) (So if any of you are in Greece and want to meet up for a friendly Ouzo just send me a pm!) 

    Anyways, totally agree with the same questions always being asked! 

    Maybe a top 10 FAQ? Covering proxies, settings, CS, no of licenses, etc. Nothing too complicated just the top 10...shouldn't take more than 30 mins to setup. (or get a VA to do it ;-) )
  • Nice, top 10 of the most important settins would be nice :)

    OT: Don't know where all people are from, but as SER is from a german software company, I think a lot people will be from there. Thanks for your compliments too, such people are always welcome here :)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I also think there should be a "Best Practices" thread. Would get a lot of views ;-) 
  • Yeah but it would grow endless with discussions ;) I think a wiki would be the easiest to provide a basic base and let we users do the rest.
  • Heh, it'd be funny if a GSA wiki is created and GSA spams it with our links.
  • That was a thought of me too.. But SER only creates profiles, so this should mess up anything ;)
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