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2 questions for the pros

im a little confused on indexing, say if Google webmaster tools, ahrefs, and majestic say I have 100 links in there data base does that mean 100 links are indexed or they have just been seen?

another thing I need help with that really bothers me is tiers, say I make 1000 tier1s (contextual) that are verified then I assume I need at least 20,000 for tier 2 and 120,000 for tier 3

theres just no way I can reach that magnitude even with no filters and 160 threads.

any help on this or tips?



  • Tim89Tim89
    This has been asked many times, it is unsure if ahrefs and majestic use googles index when it records links, my opinion is, they both have their own crawlers that pick up your links and stores them in their database.

    Just because ahrefs and majestic say it has picked up 2k links, this doesn't mean google has picked up 2k links.

    Spread the load, if a keyword is that high in competition then build loads more tier 1's and less tier 2's and 3's...

    You'll still rank the same.

    It takes time to build your sitelists and does get easier to build thousands of links once you have, you can reach those volumes of links if you set up your campaigns correctly.

    Grab a generic keyword list that has millions of keywords so SER can pick up more target sites to post to, this helps.

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