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Results and Tactics

I have been using SER since about May 1, because I needed a little oomph to do some recovery work. Since then I have expanded the use out across a few of my sites. I have seen ok results so far. Not great, home run, type results but most moving in a positive direction. So given this, I started looking around for other types of services to supplement my efforts and maybe push me over the top for my keywords. I thought this thread could get away from the technical working of SER and we could focus on results and other tools we use that we are willing to share?

So, I use the @Ron method for building out T1,T2,T3 which is the gold standard for using SER. I use the GSA indexer tool, and the GSA captcha tool. I generally build about 10 T1's per project per day and then tier on top of them. This has worked ok for my recovery and also for some keyword movement, but again not pushing me over the top.

So two weeks ago, I signed up for Rankwyz and FCS, both blog tools. Both different in their offerings. Anyone have experience with these? FCS was very easy to learn and now to deploy. It also lets you build tiers, so building a private blog network and tiering it up could be good? Rankwyz is still being perfected by the owner. It has some awesome potential for managing the blog network you can build but is missing some key elements. Both are on some excellent platforms so I think this could get me some good results.  After 2 weeks, my previously lost keyword suddenly took off and is cranking. I am not sure why, but maybe the long form blog posts is something that was missing in the link profile.

Anyway, would love to hear of other tools and tactics from you all. Learning is part of the game.


  • Tim89Tim89
    It takes around two weeks to see the proper impact of a SER campaign anyway, from my experience.. Unless you have a very very large list and you spam.

    You'll never really find out the secret sauce of ranking until you single out what you have done to a domain that has made you rank, by using SER and then incorporating a blog network, you just don't know what's causing these effects.
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    Both FCS and Rankwyz are great for T1 stuff and using Web2.0 to give the final push, but Rankwyz should be the most complete of the two with more options, although FCS is catching up.

    GOY has some great tips for using Rankwyz on his forum and he says he has had great success, but I (and others) haven't been able to replicate his results - i.e. no matter how careful I've been or how I've set up the blogs / posts, about 2/3rd and more of the blogs get suspended, or it's almost impossible to index the ones that stay.

    I also use Magic Submitter for creating blogs as I end up with about 40+ live (from about 60), plus it allows you to set up scheduling so you can post content on autopilot for months in advance, which is great for creating "authority" sites

  • I have FCS for about a month now and it's interesting. But they have some tech issues lastly and some of my projects there were not stable at all, especially when you create a big projects with > 1k submissions. I know that they are working hard to fix stuff and are always responsive so I will stick with them for now and hope for improvements in the future. I can't say much yet about the results as I'm still experimenting with the tool. What I'm doing right now is creating blogs with FCS, warming them up, posting articles with links and then blast them wit SER. Will see how it goes  
  • @davbel I agree with you on FCS. I seem to get better results when I am not on full blast. Not sure why as it is just a numbers thing. I do LOVE the email account creator on FCS!

    GOY gave a @Ron like post that I loved. I just cannot figure out Rankwyz and Pavel is not the best at support, so I am not sure I will stick with that, though I do love the 'idea' of automating his blog networking/management tool. I will watch the results there to determine if I stick with it.

    @davbel does magic submitter allow you to easily create tiers? i might check it out.

    @system0102 I am going to use FCS the same way to create authority blogs and then balst the #$%^ out of them with SER
  • ronron
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    You used the word 'recovery' several times, and I hope you are not referring to a penalty. Very, very few people recover a website from a penalty these days. In most cases, it is faster to achieve success by moving the affected site to a new domain. I just want to say that up-front.

    As far as the push for quality on T1 links...This is one of those deals where most people got scared with Penguin 2.0, so they figured (after reading all the forums) that they had better start creating higher quality T1 links. I don't take issue with that logic - I have a little bit of that embedded in my brain as well. But having said that... 

    People have been successful since Penguin 2.0 with and without PR filters. It literally has been a mixed bag with no rhyme or reason. So I would suggest with new sites that you try it both ways (High domain PR only, and no PR filter). Don't forget you can move the website pretty easily to a new domain if it tanks.

    As far as high PR links on your T1, you can still accomplish that with SER. You may not get all the engines you want, but no software delivers all the engines you want.

    As far as other software, I think Ultimate Demon is pretty good (damn expensive - but still a helluva lot cheaper than SENuke). It's not perfect, but overall it is pretty solid. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars.

    With respect to Rankwyz, GOY posted the most epic thread I have read in years - right here on this forum: Plus as @davbel mentioned above, GOY then continued the great work by creating his own Rankwyz subforum on It's a good product, and I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

    I haven't used FCS, but I have heard good things about it. I think it is worth trying both Rankwyz and FCS to see how it shakes out. I think they both have positive momentum, they are both affordable, and I think their developers really work hard to make their products better.

    You also have SER Engines, and I hear good things about them as well. And they have a giant thread at the top of this forum.

    The main thing is that you have options. None of these products is perfect. Every single one has to deal with engines changing sign-up pages, etc., so no service can ever be perfect.

    Lastly, when you deal with the quality sites, your content will matter. Not because of Google, but because of moderators. So you have to have human-spun/human-readable content for the best properties. If you treat the best properties with respect, you will get links that most others will never get.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Davbel - "or it's almost impossible to index the ones that stay."
    I'm checking this exact issue out with a number of my web2.0's and I gotta say I think it is because the content isn't 100% unique. Yes it's rewritten manually but whenever you rewrite an article it still gets flagged as not 100% unique because you might change the order of phrases and swap out many words, but it still based on another article/couple of articles and gets flagged. I'm investigating as to how unique it needs to be but on copyscape it's finding a decent number of matches, so I figure G is a little stricter and is no longer indexing these as easily. It's like they're trying to say that if should be completely written from start to finish and not re-written...and as @ron said, you gotta get past human moderators. So between G indexing and these platforms approving I'm starting to wonder if it isn't easier to just write the unique article from the start for each web2.0. 

  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited August 2013
    @AlexR I don't think it's anything to do with content otherwise I'd never get anything indexed :D

    I've been running a couple of tests with Rankwyz which I'll post about later in more detail, but out of 240 blogs after 2 months about 90 are still live with about 6 or 7 indexed.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I have a test on 200 blogs and under 10% are indexed and I'm certain my issue is due to content. They have tiers and all and lots of links pointing to them, but they won't get indexed, so I figure Google is like "we have similar results already, no need to take up space in our index with this"

    Could be another factor since I've just started debugging this in last few days... 

    @Davbel - what interlinking do you web2.0's do? This is the next variable I need to debug...could have an impact. 
  • @davbel and @AlexR based on those results, are you pleased or not? Just wondering what our expectation level should be in using these tools. Investing a lot of manhours is an issue if we collectively cannot get a benefit. That is kind of why I started this thread. Collectively if we pool our results, perhaps we can refine things for all.

    Separately, just wondering if anyone has a good email account creator to recommend? I stumbled across a recommendation once but now cannot find it. It created outlook accounts and seemed easy to manage.

    @Ron, yes I was referring to a webpage that got spanked. Not delisted, but dropped from #8 to #632 in a flash. I've got it back to #80 [ same exact page ] and it is still trending up. I am playing around with it in terms of link profile and testing out some ideas.
  • ronron
    @Viking, that's actually pretty good progress. I would keep going to see what happens. And if you can't get that thing fixed, set a time limit on throwing in the towel. Don't forget that a new domain would only take 2-3 months to rank well.
  • @viking I think that is what my issue is - I have too high an expectation based on previous results with MS.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @viking - contact @theorbital for a great email creator. He's a wizz on porgamming and updates his tool whenever needed or gets feedback. 

    @viking - not the most happy with my results! But at least I've identified a few issues that I can work through. I'm currently researching the web2.0 vs standalone site network, because as tools move this way, it will be the next phase and then we have to move on again when web2.0's get abused as more tools come out that can do this. 
  • @Ron Thanks. I am happy to see the movement, but it is still basically worthless. I am just doing it out of curiosity at this point to see if I have stumbled upon something. Interesting sidenote. The page is actually a product page of a brand that I own. I have another product page [page #2] in a different size [same keywords]. When the high ranking page was dropped, page #2 suddenly moved up to page 8 without any effort. THEN ,when page #1 started to recover, Page #2 started dropping. I haven't been able to determine what caused this but SER played a role in the recovery for sure. 

    @Ron changing domains is not an option since this is a brand of products. It is especially painful since I have hundreds of legitimate Blogger reviews pointing at the product page. Unfortunately, the crap stuff was done prior to the blogger outreach so no way to undo it. I have some good editorial coming up so hopefully that will give my authority a boost and pull up the keywords.

    Lastly, anyone concerned about social signals? It seems like it makes a difference but not sure how to go about skinning this one. I don't think buying eggs is a good thing because that is too easy to have in an algo that can get a page banned. But, there are services like SocialSignifier and SocialKik etc. that sell 'active' social fan accounts. Anyone using these? Any feedback?

    @AlexR Thanks for the link, I will check that out.
  • @viking take a look at Web2rule. Pretty cool concept and I'm testing it out now
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @viking - as per my discussion on another forum, I think you need a few social signals to get the ball rolling. No-one wants to be the first like on a FB page, so if you have 25 or 50 or so people are more likely to follow the crowd.

    These purchased social signals I think are getting discounted completely as it needs to drip feed.

    I'm looking to build a set of tools for a few of the accounts since I don't think there are tools that automate it, but if we can get 3 or 4 people together for this it would be much better. 
  • social signals is working, but you need to drip feed them very slow and use PVA accounts. use something like web2rule, it have free membership, so you will able to see results. now is second thing we need to take look at. 
    looks like we need to build social signals (drip feed!) to t1 (if manual content) because they not deleted quickly as spun content.
  • @system0102 nad @mafcra thanks so much for the recommendation on Web2rule. It looks interesting. Just a quick question though, do you really give them your facebook,google+, twitter,  username and password?? Personally I would never do that. If there another way to engage that system? That makes me very nervous.

    I just tried socialkik for some youtube video views. worked like a champ, though it is all at once type of service, not drip fed, so really no useful purpose, other than possibly as @AlexR said that people may be more likely to 'like' a page with a higher number of likes.

    I'll keep searching around for a good social drip feed service and report back if I can find one.

  • BTW - for those concerned about an Alexa ranking [we all know its bogus] but at times it may matter for some, I have a really effective tool. it works well and is free. just install the firefox add on, set up the account [1 minute], and launch it. i have some some url's a HUGE amount. it seems to peak out at getting you into the top 200k, but that is a pretty good place to be for doing zero work. just launch it and minimize it and let it run all day. you'll see movement on alexa in 3 - 4 days. service = alexa boost up
  • I have a question for you all. I have been studying quite a bit for the last few months and think I may have been doing my seo completely wrong and need to get your advice. This isn't a how to drive a car question. I am totally dialed in on linking, tiers, etc. It is a question of strategy.

    I own a brand that sells products. For this discussion let's assume I sell fruit. My company XYZ Fruit Company sells apples, pears, and oranges.

    For the past 5 years, I have been building out and getting 'ok' results for keywords apples, pears, and oranges. But never really getting to the top as you would expect.

    My recent 'aha' moment happened this week through a discovery. Almost all of my competitors link profiles ahead of me in the serps,  do not include 'apples' 'pears' or 'oranges'  Rather, they all focus on their company [brand] name in a very high percentage. So, have I wasted 5 years of effort? Has this always been the case, or has it happened recently?

    My new focus is almost now building out for 'XYZ Fruit Company' and all the variations and nothing to do with the products. Or is this too much in the other direction?

    Would really appreciate your feedback and ideas.
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    viking: yes, but you enter it in your client (it software, runned at your computer). Nobody not have access to this info, but anyway here better to setup fake profiles (but pva/sms or phone verified) , with "real" photo and with some real activity - like share some news a few times).
    web2rule also can generate views for youtube videos, in short amounts - but they are natural ;) client "actually watching" videos until end.

    without drip feed - social signals is just a spam signal for google. Never buy 100 likes/tweets/etc. Only very slow drip feed is working now. Also need to not forget about proportions (like G+/3, FL/1, TW/2. But here is lot how it possibly to vary it)

    your last question: yes, build contextual links like click here/generic, urls, and brand (stay away from emd) and you will get better positions & lot of related keywords will opened for you in gwt. also be sure what you get enough links per day. Not less than 10 links per tier 1A/2+. Otherwise you will not see results. 
    No, you not wasted 5 years. But it new google 'toy'. so we trying to support their ideas to get rankings ;-)

    about brand: no, just register domain mykeywordblog and build links. main idea to your "exact kwd blog" not have searches in google keyword tool before you start site. Also it good idea to register lsi as main keyword, like "" = "". So you can promote real keyword, but get benefits from keyword in domain + related searches + you not will overspam it if doing all properly.
  • @mafcra thanks for the info. I have found about a dozen new social signals companies, so I guess this is the next wave of widget offering. I have to say, I have a FB with 30k REAL followers for the brand, and we did see a lift over time, but having a 'number' is way overrated now. I think a lot of people think it is the end all if they can build social signals. It's not. We seem to do better when our engagement level spikes. But that is a LOT of work to keep going, nearly a full time effort. Building eggs I don't think will work, even if they are drip fed out. Google writes this into the algo. They watch the egg accounts usage and engagement. I personally think it is bad to have eggs following you.

    So back to my question on linking:

    Should my links in the example above focus on:

    XYZ Fruit Company?

    XYZ Apples?


    Which gives best authority lift? Best SEO results?

    Also, should the link go to: / Apples?
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    1. if it brand - go just to, without fruit company. Main idea to not have G searches before your domain was registered.
    2. it true about engagement, so not forget post questions and answers at your blog at least once per week (comments).
    3. web/social mentions is also way to go.
    4. FB not provides lot of information for google. same as twitter. So they can only believe into G+ information. But you not need LOT of signals. Just be sure what all your pages was G+ from different accounts 1,2 or 3 times. What all of your backlinks is have a few social signals and it will work.
    Surely they monitor accounts, but on decission time (index or not) - that social signal play very important role. So, it really not important will it stick or not. Later you can get more links, even natural links if you get a normal ranking ;)

    here is also "autosurfer" software, which can help you make your t1 visited and your site get "real and deep visits" from t1. It will help to improve bounce ratio & time on site, make visibility what T1 is real and human visited.
    Here is lot of bots for this purpose, but I still waiting for software which support not only HMA/proxy guest visits. That browser sessions need to be (partially) from logged in users to not cause red flag.

    Really I think what google have created havoc in the net, so lot of new methods (behavioral & social slow drip feed) become public, and very soon google will found what it cannot trust to ANY information (including behavioral, social, engagement, clicks on serp, time on site, dwell time, bounce ratios, etc) from even own toolbar and G+.
    They start fighting with "bad" links, but at end here not will be any factors they can trust for sure. They like self-shot own search engine. But it hard to tell what they can do when will understand it.
  • A bit off topic, but are people still using web2rule? Happy with it?
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