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Any way to randomize the order of the keywords?

I use the same list of 100k keywords for each campaign, and I'm starting to notice that each time I start a new campaign the verified links are ending up on the same sites in the same order as the previous campaigns.  Only reason I can think of this happening is because the program is going down the list of the keywords in the same exact order each time... is there any way to avoid this, maybe by randomizing the keyword list or something?


  • are you sure you are not using global site list?
  • is this also true for blog comments for example?

    i'm just thinking that you get the same results every time because google give you the same results as target urls. remember that by default you don't use "always use keywords" and keywords are only used once in a while for most engines. 
    this means that you search for the same footprints most of the time and get mostly the same results. that said, you should see some differences here and there and i don't believe that they are exactly the same for each project.
  • the list is randomized upon loading a project. stop SER, make project inactive and then active and then Start SER. See if it helps.
  • rodol, how do I check if I am using global site list?  On the options page I see that "Use URLs from global site lists if enabled" is checked... but I do not see where it is enabled or disabled?

    ozz, are you saying that I should be using "always use keywords" to avoid this?  Where is that option?
  • yes you are using global site list if you have that option checked... that could be your "problem" I dont beleive its really a problem if you are using proxies... anyways you are using your list on every project so you will build links for every project in every url on your list...

    for yoru knoweledge there are 4 global list... identified, submitted, verified and failed.

    You could notice what list you are using at the right of the option "Use URLs from global site lists if enabled"

  • Ok so how does it work when "Use URLs from global site lists if enabled" is NOT checked?
  • SER will Scrape first using Default Footprints + Keywords (sometimes) but if you check the option "Always use keywords to find target sites" well you can figure out what happens... then will try to post on every scraped URL.
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