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Verified links must have an exact URL ?!

Cause my question got too mixed up in another discussion, I made a new one. So I was searching the forum about "Verified links must have an exact URL" option, but I didn't find any satisfying answer..

I found that my projects to money site did not have this on, but Tier2 had it checked, and I unchecked this option everywhere because it seemed to me like holding verifications back (articles, directories, bookmarks, social, video, web 2.0, wiki).

I read the mouse-over help in ser over and over again.. am I right, if the "Verified links must have an exact URL"  is unchecked, some verified links can include only the domain and not point to the right post, like verifying a link pointing to instead of ? But I don't see how this could happen if I have the "Use the root/main URL in some variations" also unchecked under Data..

Can you please explain a bit, when and why should the "Verified links must have an exact URL" option be on? I checked verified links and everything seems ok (anchor + source), while this option is unchecked.

Few comments from ser professionals would be highly appreciated @Ozz @ron @LeeG Thanks!!

Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    that option should always be cheked just in case
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Accepted Answer
    There is only one engine as far as I know that needs that option unticked, which is the quick indexer engine
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