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Re-verifying Links & Indexing

Hi, do you guys re-verify your T1, T2 & T3? Using the GSA "right-click > modify project > verify all links" or export all to scrapebox for checking? I'm trying to decide how to send the links in for indexing. I have an account with indexification. I was using the API at first but after trying to bump up my LPM to a decent number, I read @ron mentioning not to use api abut to do them manually. I just don't want to send non-verified links to it. To tell yo the truth, it would be easier to just use the API but I don't know how much it would slow it down. Also, since it is 10's of thousands of links, should I use only public proxies for scrapebox? Or for that matter the same if using the GSA remove feature instead? This tool and all the features are starting to get to me :)


  • ronron
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    You completely, 100%, *misunderstood* what I was saying.

    I send *everything* to Lindexed with my API - you couldn't have misunderstood me any more than you have. The API is your *best* option in all cases. It doesn't slow down SER one nanosecond.

    What I was referring to were two thing I don't do: 1) Use the SER pinger which I think is a waste of time *especially* if you are sending your links to an API indexer; and 2) Send links to GSA Indexer on autofeed because SER + GSA Indexer running at the same time will bring everything down to a crawl - that has been well documented - they are both software beasts, and you shouldn't run two beasts of any kind of software on the same PC at the same time.

    For the record, I have my T1 on automatic verification daily, and I have verification disabled on all other tiers. Why? Because the T1 is your lifeline - those links directly hit your moneysite. You want that tier as updated as possible with respect to verified links.

    Once a week or so, I stop SER, make all projects inactive, highlight all projects, right click>Show Urls>Verified>Verify. That is how you verify all links immediately.

    Now why do I only have T1's set to verify daily, and have all other projects disabled for verification? Because I want SER posting, not wasting time verifying lower level links or junk tier links. A total waste of time in my opinion. Plus, I get a faster LPM. So that is what I was talking about - not the API.

    Lastly, Scrapebox plays no role in the verification process. SER does a great job of verifying links, and SER gives you all sorts of ways to do it - automatically, custom times, and manually. If you want to scrape targets in SB and use it to find targets for SER, more power to you. I have never needed to do that, and I honestly haven't had a need for SB since I bought SER a year ago. It still is a great tool, and there all sorts of uses for it, but not for what you suggested. And only use public proxies with scrapebox (for scraping, pr checking, index checking), and use private proxies with SB for posting.


  • @ron You're right about Scrapebox. To be honest with you, I've never even used it, and I've always gotten great results with SER and all the other stuff.
  • @ron my apologies guy. I have to admit I was a bit punchy yest. I spent some serious time on here and tweaking the software. I found your advice throughout this forum to be pretty invaluable. Unfortunately, what I read and I thought you said must have been completly different on some points. Man, what a day. Again, thanks for the info and my bad on messing up what you said about indexing. On a side note, I did get a lot of what you said and others on here right. i got that baby rolling out to almost 140 LPM within 5 hours of tweaking. - Charles
  • @ron well, this is good news reading your post here. I'm going to re-select "send verified links to indexer service > other" and then use my API there for indexificatin. I don't own GSA's indexer at this time. Btw: do you use the fast indexer platform on any of your T2 or T3's? jc
  • ronron

    No problem. What I feared was somebody reading what you said, and then saying that ron said to do this - when I didn't say that.

    140 LPM is stellar. And in 5 hours, that's probably a world's record.

    Because it takes time for even the fast indexer to process a bunch of links, I always prioritize so that contextual tiers get first priority, and then junk tiers if I have time and/or pc resources to do it.

  • @ron well thanks again for your valuable input here. I certainly appreciate it. That's awesome about the LPN for sure. Couldn't have done it without you guys. And of course Sven building the damned thing. ha.
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    @ron, thank you for the above, it's been very helpful.
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    thanks @ron for your answer. It may be stupid question but I searched around and couldn't find an answer. When you say "I have my T1 on automatic verification daily" by this you mean have checked the option "Verified Links Must Have exact URL" (is this the option that triggers verification process ? ) + "Send Verified link to indexer services" (or using an indexer API). Thanks

  • ronron

    @kiosh - Yes, "Verified Links must have exact URL" should be checked. That triggers verification throughout the day. That way, your T1 is as up-to-date as possible, and then your lower tiers start building links to those new T1 links immediately - which is what you want.

    And yes, I have the indexer option box check with other, and then I have my indexer services set up in the Main Options with their respective API keys.  

  • @ron thanks for your quick and detailed answer :)
  • ronron
    You are welcome.
  • @ron how do you disable verification?
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    @BlacKhatPriesT  you don't check "Verified Links must have exact URL" in the Options Tab of the Project.

    ron sorry one more thing. Right now I'm running tight on budget so I have a VPS with 1GB ram and 1Core (3.2GHz) , not the best, but that's what I have to work with. So I'm running GSA SER 85 threads. I'm planning on getting SER Indexer. From what you suggested (in the thread  thanks for this brilliant post) having in separate machines is not really an option for me right now, so I wonder is it's possible/recommended to queue all the verified Tier1 links to Indexer and than in 1 day of the week I stop GSA SER and launch indexer ? 
  • ronron
    @kiosh - Yeah, you have to separate the runs so they are not running simultaneously. What you suggested is fine. It would be a manual import, so keep GSA Indexer unchecked in projects.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    with 500 threads and a list, all content sources, in just under 11 hours of runtime, using one of my machines at home with a 70mb connection, I have achieved over 300,000 verified contextual links from 1 SER install @ 1100 threads. Just another day at the office!
  • @kiosh @ron so you don't disable enable to fill captchas to deactivate verification? i thought verified links must have exact url is for something else.
  • ronron
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    When I am in a speed mode, I disable verification because SER seems to crank at crazy speeds doing that. But it adds extra steps because I then have to change everything to verify Active(V), and then back to Active again. So it is a little crazy. However, I wouldn't recommend that to somebody new as I would just leave the T1 on automatic verification 1440. That's the way it is supposed to happen anyway.

    Doing this stuff has nothing to do with captcha as I always have GSA-CB on and running (I think you are confusing SEO Indexer which is what we were talking about, not GSA-CB). And I always have the verified exact URL box checked.
  • @ron Perfect Thanks. For T1 should I run Indexer every 3 days ? and for T2/T3 once a week ? 
  • ronron
    @kiosh - I like how you said it, It seems like a perfectly proportioned priority and timing.
  • @ron thanks ! 
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