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Do-follow links for Tier1

I'm getting too high a percentage of do-follow links for tier1. My total do-follow is about 90% and only 10% no-follow links. The engines I have checked are Article, Social Network and Web2.0. 

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and if there is an easy way to increase the percentage of no-follow links


  • most of those platforms will give you dofollow links. JCow is nofollow and Plone sometimes are your best bet unless you like to add MediaWiki for instance. another way would be to add niche related blog comments (by hand).
  • supt39supt39 Australia
    well as per my experience 20% no follow should be enough... i am new in gsa but i am very experience in seo. i get more no follow because i have selected many platform...

    I will get more experience as i get more use through but try to increase little more no follow and you will be alright
  • ronron
    ^^ @Ozz is 1000% correct - MediaWiki is how I balance it out. I'm closer to 50/50.
  • Thanks! ... I think I may add mediawiki to my Tier1 list.

    I was thinking about another idea and wondering if it would work. What if I add a rel=nofollow to the link syntax, as follows:

    <a href="%url%" {rel="nofollow"|}>%anchor_text%</a>

    The above will insert a rel="nofollow" about 50% of the time. What do you guys think about this? Would it work?

  • Bump. 

    any ideas on whether adding 'rel=nofollow' to the link sytax would be effective or not?
  • donchinodonchino
    I'm also more to 50/50, and the "Very Professional SEO Study" here on forum also suggests more no-follow links.. test this syntax and see how ser shows it, it might work .. but then you will have also do-follow added to same post by ser, and it doesn't seem very natural. PS. be sure you don't have "Try to skip creating no-follow links" checked under options
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