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Captcha Breaker + Askme bot for one project, spamvilla/manual captcha for the rest

How do you setup GSA to send captchas to Captcha Breaker AND Askmebot on one end and on another end send to Spamvilla or Deathby Captcha. I can't see a way this is possible because If I select "ask all services", that means it will use captcha breaker, askmebot and spamvilla. I want only captcha breaker and askmebot or deathbycaptcha alone.

Anyone with inputs on how to go around this?

Thank you


  • I'm also noticing lots of question-type captchas being sent to Captcha Breaker. I contacted AskMeBot's support about this - still waiting to hear back.
  • those questions aren't in plain text. ASB can only solve questions that were send in text format and not in image format (jpg, png, gif).
  • That would explain it! Thanks Ozz
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