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List of quality engines?

Hey, I am wondering if any of the experienced users here could create a list of the quality engines?
So, newbies like me know which engines and platforms we should use for each tier :).

Currently, I am thinking the quality is something like this:
1. web 2.0
2. article
3. social network
4. wiki
5. social bookmark
6. video
7. document sharing
8. directory
9. guestbook
10. microblog
11. image comment
12. forum profile
13. blog comment
14. trackback
15. exploit
16. pingback
17. referrer
18. URL shortener
19. indexer
20. video-adult (for non-adult sites :D )

Any thoughts on this? I am really curious what the pro's have to say about this, as I would like to start some tiered projects soon.


  • Well I found out recently that nearly every platform the link is just a profile link which means that nearly all are low quality. So im unsure which ones will be suitable for tier one now...
  • in project options - filter urls, uncheck profiles and you will not have a single profile link in your tiers
  • So Rodol I assume you think that profile link is the lowest quality?

    But how about the engines themself?
  • no, profile links are not the lowest quality links, i never say that, i was answering spiderman question... 
    IMO lowest quality links are trackbacks, pingbacks and blog comments in spammed sites. 

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