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Can we get a pause individual banned proxies?

I keep getting proxy banns on Google, all of the other SE's are running
without issue. 

Is there any way when a proxy is banned it can be paused (only in google) so the rest of 
the engines can continue to work and begin again after ban expires?

I think the way it works now it keeps trying to use the banned proxies until none are left?
It that is so I am pretty sure that can increase the ban time? Hitting a request continually 
with a banned proxy it won't get unbanned either.

Maybe I don't understand how the pause feature works?


  • yes, i suggested something like this as well. lets see what @Sven thinks about the idea when he is back from vacation.
  • SvenSven
    have put that on my to-do-list, though the way it works now it is not that easy to add.
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