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OBL Filter Not Working on Blogs

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited July 2013 in Bugs

I've just been checking my blog comments and my OBL filter has not been applied at all for these projects, even though it's been enabled the whole time.

Anybody else found this?? I have this problem on multiple projects that run blog & image comments. I haven't used it on other platforms. 


  • SvenSven
    That setting works fine in my eyes. All reports that there is something wrong have been either a wrong setting or links have been build with other tools and it has been picked up as "already present".
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    1) What is the wrong setting that could cause this?
    2) I haven't used other tools for these, so it must be pt 1. But what could be a wrong setting? 
  • Tim89Tim89
    This happens to me all the time..... Along with the PR filter (only build PR 1+ links and it builds PR0 links...!

    Annoying but I've come to terms with it... Filters are messed up.

    Unless they get skipped depending on the number of threads you use...? I use around 300 - 800 threads most of the time.

    So to just confirm;

    OBL filter also does not work for me, SER builds links with 1,388 OBL when filter is set to 50.

    PR filter doesn't seem to work, builds links to PR0 and PRN/A sites with filter set to 1.

    At first I thought maybe its getting a fake PR issue but when you visit the sites they have a PR of N/A and 0
  • AlexR  Tim89 it does not work on guestbook/comment only?
  • SvenSven
    edited August 2013

    PR not correct can have the following issue:

    • proxy is banned and PR delivered by google is empty + option to skip unknown PR is not enabled
    • Links picked up as verified are from a very old submission (check date on webpage) done in the past or by another program or you didn't check the "Verify exact URL" option and the found URL is just matching the domain.

    OBL not correct can have the following issue:

    • Links picked up as verified are from a very old submission (check date on webpage) done in the past or by another program or you didn't check the "Verify exact URL" option and the found URL is just matching the domain.
    • Setting to only download XYZ MB is active and so the page is scanned for certain URLs at the top only.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @awint Happens for most platforms from my experience.

    @sven perhaps the proxy is banned but if someone sets a filter to only sumbit to domains that have a PR of 1+ surely if your proxies are receiving a PR of NONE or INVALID or NOT DISPLAYED then the result of the query should be = do not sumbit link.

    Your link should only be submitted to a url when the conditions are met.. Isn't that the point of having filters in the first place... if a proxy is banned when check the PR of a page and the result does not display a PR result then the link should not be built.. @sven what your stating is that SER is building links to these crappy PR sites due to dead proxies, when I am stating that this should not be the case, if a PR results returns false in any condition, the link should not be built, these PRN/A's and PR0's could potentially hurt our sites.

    @sven concerning the OBL's, you're stating that these links that contain lots of OBL's are from previous submissions..? How can this be when I set up a brand new fresh campaign with a brand new fresh website which obviously has a brand new URL which has never been in SER before, set up the campaign with these conditions;

    build only on PR 1+
    has less the 50 OBLS

    after a couple of days, I check the verifieds and I get some results like this, (example)

    a page built a couple days ago with 1,400 OBL's
    a page built a couple days ago with a PR of N/A or PR0

    I get this all the time.

    To summarise;

    A link should not be built if a PR result has returned as false..
    OBL's are weird.
  • I have the same issue. Every once in awhile some high OBLs find their way into my verified list despite all my projects being limited to 50 OBL.
  • SvenSven

    @Tim89 - Thats why you have the option to skip unknown PR sites as well. If you check that option, it will not submit.

    For the OBL, did you check the date of the submission? Maybe you didn't check the option to validate exact URL, and you use web2.0 sites where any* would get verified when you have a youtube URL as project URL.

  • edited August 2013
    Tim89  NocT any sample? how often it happen?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - is my understanding correct that the OBL filter is only checked against the first XYZ mb size of the page downloaded as per general settings? 

    i.e if page is 3mb,and you set a 2mb limit, it only checks the OBL of the first 2 mb right?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @awint I'm quite reluctant to give examples as this will reveal my domains, I do not wish to reveal my domains.

    But it does happen quite a bit.

    @Sven My 'validate exact URL' option is not ticked, wasn't quite sure what it did, I thought perhaps it only verified pages with my naked URL on it rather than my keyword, so I've never had it ticked. Will try it for the future though.

    @Sven yes the dates are all in order, it was the campaign that created those links with high OBL's, and regarding the PR's of the domains, I have tried the option of skipping unknown PR but it still creates PR0 and NA links.
  • SvenSven

    @AlexR yes

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