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How should brand new sites/domains be treated when doing Tier style projects with SER?

When doing T1, T2, T3... and T1A, T2, T3A... with brand new sites/domains, how should things be treated so that you don't send any red flags or warnings to Google?


  • ronron

    Just be slow with the direct T1 links...3-5 per day for a week or two. Then maybe ramp up to 10 per day for a few weeks, etc. You just drop in a T1A after a week or two, then a T2, then a week later add a T2A, etc.

    Grow it with increasing link velocity, but start small. Most of your link velocity will come from underneath, so don't get in the habit of blasting the T1, because you will disappear.

  • @ron - when you wrote "just drop in a T1A", do you mean just make a SINGLE T1A with a link to a T1?

    Or do you mean after a week or two drop all of the man-made T1 links into GSA SER and start running them to make T1As? If you mean the GSA SER route, then how many backlinks should be made per T1 URL?
  • ronron
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    Forget all this man made stuff. If you created manual  T1's, then stick those in your T1 and that's the end of it. If you have another service or software creating T1's, then you obviously need to continuously update your T1 project with any new URLs.

    Dropping in a T1A, T2, T2A, T3, T3A means drop in a new project. It's building links to each URL in the project directly above it. I usually start T1A, T2, T2A, T3, T3A at 10X per URL. Then once I have the whole 2 or 3 tier structure fleshed out (depending on how deep you make this), I will then turn up the dial on each project, one by one, starting at the bottom, probably one week apart, to 20X (from the previous 10X).

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    @ron - you're amazing ron

    Do you have to maintain this backlink making for your sites to keep them where they are in rankings? If you have a money site, and you do all this for ~1 month, but then you stop because you want to move onto a second project, then will Google notice this sudden stop of new backlinks and drop you down in rank?
  • ronron
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    You never decrease link velocity. If you get where you want to be with your rankings, then stay at that link velocity to maintain your rankings.

    Use tools like ahrefs or majesticseo to make sure you are not entering negative link velocity. Links get killed over time. You have to make sure on a net/net basis that your total links are flat or ascending. If you don't watch this, your rankings will tank.

    Here is an example from ahrefs of a website that lost rankings because it lost link velocity (it lost more links than it gained):




    Pretty interesting, right? Those little red and green marks show that more links are getting lost (red) than being built (green).

    So remember, just because you build links doesn't mean your boat won't sink. You have to maintain neutral to positive link velocity.

  • @ron - great info. never knew that.

    ron, you posted before that you like to build all of your T1, T2 and T3 first, then run them with SER.

    when you're building your T1, T2, T3 how do you make sure they are registered as a backlink, so sites like ahrefs will register them and your velocity goes up? and do you do this after you make each site/page/post, or do you do this all at once, too?
  • ronron

    You're talking about indexing. I use the Lindexed API in SER which helps. Ultimately the best way to index links are to backlink them, and that's what you do with tiering.

    For more info on indexing:

  • @ron - does Google/ahrefs/majesticseo take into considering when the page/post/site with your backlink was initially made? It's a warning sign to Google if all of a sudden there is a huge spike of something (i.e. traffic), so what happens if you, say for example, make 50 T1s and 250 T2s. You do them spread out over a period of time (i.e. 3-5 T1 a day for a few weeks, then go to 10 a day, then you start adding T2's as well), but they end up getting indexed at the same time (just as an example). Will having 50 T1s and 250 T2s indexed at the same time cause a huge warning sign, or does Google/ahrefs/majesticseo look at the date when the backlink was made on the page/site/post and ignore the fact that they happened to get indexed at the same time?
  • ronron
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    Don't confuse the effect of T1 links versus those that do not hit your moneysite directly. With the lower links, we are talking about link juice. With the T1 we are talking about actual links. Those are not the same thing, so you do not have any cause for concern.

    And good luck on getting 50 T1 links and 250 T2 links indexed at the same time, lol. You would be lucky to get 20 links indexed the first week. So if you figure out the secret to fast indexing, open up a website and charge people $1000 for that information. We all want that.

  • @ron - you're awesome. thank you.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @ron so are you saying rapid bulk indexing, if you knew how.. Is beneficial?

    Is it actually a good thing? Personally I think it is, but I would index backwards and start indexing my tier 3's then 2's then I would control my indexing rate for my tier 1's and only index as many as I want per day, that would be quote amazing.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @ron - "T1 links...3-5 per day for a week or two" - is that submitted or verified? (i.e. are you doing 30 to 50 submissions to get 3-5 verifieds, or just 3-5 submitted per day) I got some new sites for testing so interested about the velocity you choose here.
  • ronron
    I meant submitted because on T1, my verified % is much higher than on the junk tiers. So 3-5 submitted will usually give me at least 1-2 per day verified, which is exactly what has worked well for me. So for the first couple of weeks, a very small drip works well. 
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    @ron - how many submissions do you do per day for each of those 3-5 T1 URLs? Do you just keep submissions going for each of those 3-5 T1 URLs until SER finds 1-2 verifications, then automatically pause the project for the day?
  • ronron

    I just set the project to pause at my limit and forget it. I obviously keep my eye on verified to see if I am getting what I want for verified, and if I am not, I make a small increase to the submitted.

    On lower tiers, I set it at 10X Per URL. So a T1A with this setting will submit 10 links each day for every T1 verified link.

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    @ron - you mentioned before that you don't do blog comments in the beginning. here you mentioned that your verified % is a lot higher or T1, so what do you select for "Where To Submit" for T1?
  • what if you have a large site lets say 500 pages, do you still only build 3-5 T1 per day to the whole site?
  • ronron

    @rancher92 - Just follow this

    @mishav, for large sites, I would clump as many pages together in one project, and shoot a link or 2 per day at each.

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    @ron - Say you make 3 T1s a day. On the first day you make 3 T1s and then submit them to 10 links each. The next day, do you submit another 10 links to those 3 T1s from the first day, as well as 10 links to each of the 3 new T1s for the second day? Or do you discard the 3 T1s from the first day and just submit 10 links to each of the 3 new T1s from the second day?

    So, basically, do you keep submitting 10 links a day to all of the T1s you've made so far, or do you only submit 10 links to the T1s made that day?
  • @rancher92 you should never stop buidling links  you should never decrease link velocity, so if you build 3 links to the First T1, you should build 3 links to that T1 site each day forever, unless you change your linkbuilding strat, or if you get tired of that site.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @ron - interesting! What with the lower indexing rate? Are you getting about 20% indexed? If so, the number of indexed is about 1 every 5 days, which seems quite low. I agree with you start small, and build up BTW, but didn't realise this low. 
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