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Zendesk problems

Hi Sven,

i am not able to create accounts on Zendesk platform, even if it works manually. For example on - i always get "unknown registration status". It seems there is some problem with captcha, i remember somebody already mentioned that. I entered recaptcha manually, 4 attempts, i am 100% sure the answer was correct, but i have always got "unknown registration status" and got no registration mail. When i enter captcha directly on site, it works.

Another problem is with platform identification. I get several lines like this one

14:33:41: [-] 0003/1229 no engine matches -

for sites that doesnt exist anymore. However, this site IS a working Zendesk site and SER should be able to register on this site at least.


  • Bump? Nothing? Are you on holiday?
  • >Are you on holiday?
    yes, he is.
  • Ok, enjoy, you deserve it! :)
  • no, not me. Sven, the developer, is in holiday.
  • edited July 2013
    I know, i was talking to Sven :) But thank you Ozz as well for this info :)
  • SvenSven
    @traged try to use the debug mode and see what can be done to not have "unknown status" in log (improve success/fail messages).
  • I am not sure why, but now i am able to register without problems. However, i have got lots of errors "must include a character that is not a letter or number" in the password.

    Would it be possible to add such character to all zendesk passwords? Like for example concatenate generated password with '_' sign or something like that?

  • SvenSven
    next version will generate a password with a none alpha/letter char.
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