[Possible Speed Tweak] Half-Open-TCP-Limitation

By accident I stumbled about an issue that (older 32bit??) Windows systems might limiting your outbound TCP connections. I'm not an expert on this field but I guess its worth to check if you are affected by this. This should be especially true for all home-PC users as they are using 32bit OS often times. I'm personally not affected by this and tested it on 'Win 2008 Server R2 (standard)' and 'Win 7 64bit (ultimate)'.

This little tool will check if you are limited and give you a message if nothing can be optimized:

FAQ about tool and issue:

Please be aware of the fact, that I literally don't have a clue about this topic and it is possible that there isn't any system affected for the case that Mircosoft have patched all OS. I just thought that it might worth to share this for the case that your system is thwarted due to this.


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