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Project on pause as xx Verified has been reached - is not functioning right for me.

Hey guys.
It's quite stressing that this function is not working for me as I really do use it a lot...

I've been getting it the last 2 weeks or so - GSA will pause my project as it says it has reached the maximum amount of verified backlinks I set it to daily... But it's not true, if I set it to for example max 100 verified per day it creates about 50 verified urls (when I right click and press show verified urls) then it say's:
"14:00:33: [ ] Project on pause for 598 more minutes as 105/100 verifications have been reached."

Even though it only did create about the half!


  • Hmm, I have it set to "verifications reached in a day" and "verified links must have exact url" and when to verifiy "automatically".

    I did read the links from Google, but I didn't seem to get a clear answer.
    Many recommended to use submission instead of verifications for a more precise "verified per day", but I am doing this for some local SEO clients and really have to hit the right amount of verifications per day.

    At the moment I am manually watching the project and then click "inactive" when I see the right amount of verifications has been reached, but this is a lot of babysitting waiting for the exact verifications.
  • Anybody? Still need help with this, did read everything I could find through Google.

    My solution is to babysit it and stop the project when the amount of verified links I want has been reached :(.
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