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Problem Backlinking Subdomain

Hi everyone, trying out some new strategies and it involves backlinking subdomains of high pr domains i've got.

Set whole campaign up with url to be backlinking as:

GSA won't let me do it!

How do we backlink subdomains with GSA?

Been using GSA for ages but never come across this problem before!


  • Tim89Tim89
    What do you mean GSA doesn't allow you to do it..?

    If you mean that it doesn't accept the URL when you click tools and paste from clipboard, try simply manually typing it in the source URL box.
  • Hi Tim,

    I typed it in manually and it keeps giving the error box whilst removing the http:// after clicking ok?
  • It's ok,

    For those who have this problem I initially put in without the http:// and forgot it was still in the list!

    Sorry guys having a think hour!

    Hopefully this will still help other who have a thick hour too!
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