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Improve Speed of Captcha Breaker using 3rd party service

I absolutely love GSA for link building but the the only thing that pains me is when I send my unsolved captchas to a 3rd party service after they have passed through CB. It just takes alot longer to register sites. I noticed its faster if I use one service or the other but not both. If we can speed this up it would be great. thx


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    If your using a service like mega ocr, run it as a second service in ser

    That way cb does what it does best, cracking captchas it recognises at break neck speed and don't wait on results from the other service

  • The best advice i can give is to "toggle use of service" in CB (-> right click captcha definition) for captchas you like to be solved by services directly (recaptcha, mollom, vbulletin type of captchas with low solving rates). 

    The reason that those captchas need a long solving time is because they are solved by humans. Just imagine how long you need to solve a captcha. You will never get someone who solves captchas in less than 5 seconds on average over a couple of hours.
  • Ok. Thanks
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    Oh, I forget to mention that you should avoid human captcha services as much as possible.

    For "low quality" campaigns just "use 1st service only" in 'SER -> Project Options -> Options'. 
    For "high quality" campaigns you need to decide if you 'toggle services' in CB I mentioned above or just send filtered captchas with PR>3 for example to 2nd service you've defined in SER. For the latter make sure to skip all captchas with low solving rate in 'CB -> Options'.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I use mega ocr, average six second solving on recaptcha

    Used the method I mentioned above, I still push 200 LpM all day long

  • Thanks for the tips. Correct me if I'm wrong but their is no automated captcha solver that can solve recaptchas with a high success rate?
  • spamvilla or megaocr which LeeG mentioned. spamvilla gives you a 3 day trial.
  • MegaOCR also offer a trial, just ask for a trial on skype:mega.ocr
  • pclwebpclweb UK
    edited July 2013
    Ok this is what i'm trying to do.

    1st Service: Captcha Breaker with Spamvilla as service. (Recaptcha Unselected)
    2nd Service: Deathbycaptcha

    This is what i dont understand. If CB/Spamvilla cannot solve will it get sent to 2nd service. Or just fail.

    Also what is the marked types for. If i select using right click and toggle it on. Will it be sent to the spamvilla service (hope not) or get skipped straight to second service.

  • SvenSven
    @pclweb just set recaptcha to be solved by captcha service only in CB using the right mouse button. Thats the only thing you have to do and it will use CB for all captchas, Spamvilla for Recaptcha nad the 2nd service in SER if both can not deliver an answer.
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