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how to verify/remove from submitted

edited July 2013 in Need Help
I have hundreds of "awaiting account verification" in one project and SER does nothing about it...
setting status "active (v)" doesn't change anything

any solutions? I saw some topics about that but is there something wrong with "timeout" for submission?
I have oldest timeout for submission set to 3rd June :-/
link isn't working but making mess on submitted list


  • SvenSven
    edited July 2013

    Than you might have the option enabled to not delete anything from the to-verify-list?

    You can however manually delete that if you right click on the project and choose show urls->submitted urls->select all->right click->delete...

  • you mean...
    dont remove urls (check hint) ??

    yup, it is enabled - but I thought it will not remove links only from "verified" o_0
  • SvenSven
    No, thats for the too-verify URLs.
  • right click project -> show urls -> submitted -> click and sort by 'date' collumn -> mark "old" urls with 'shift + left mouse click' or just the ones with grey background by 'ctrl + LMC' -> right click -> delete selected
  • edited July 2013
    okay, SER is removing stuff from this list, thx for fast help ;)
    I didn't want manually because I like things to do automatically :P
  • ronron
    They should go away on Day 6 as I believe SER give all those account creations a 5 day timeline. But if some still stick around, do what @Ozz says.
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