Delete Target URL Cache // Delete Target URL History?

Can someone please explain me what each of these do?
Delete Target URL Cache
Delete Target URL History



  • From the FAQ:

    What is the difference between "Delete URL Cache" and "Delete History Cache"?
    Delete Cache - Click this only if you have e.g. imported a wrong target URL list or think you want to clear the URLs that a previous search task found.

    Delete History - Click this if you..
    a) want to submit to sites that you previously skipped (e.g. you didn't want to enter captchas back than but want to do now)
    b) think it found sites in the past that it skipped but are now supported by e.g. new added engines
    c) think it found sites in the past and somehow your internet connection blocked it to get sent to (proxy issue e.g.)
  • Have a question. If I clear either target url cache or history cache. Will I still be able to verify my urls?
  • Curious to see if @ron clears target URL history? I think doing this lessens the chance of posting on the same site or I'm wrong?

    Thank you.
  • ronron
    Guys, you better do your homework on this issue. Do a google search with this forum and those terms. When you delete history (which you never want to do), you will screw up those projects where you only allow one post per domain. And as far as the cache, I don't bother. So no to both of them.
  • @ron Glad I never deleted the history. Thanks for the tip. I usually do the research, but as this thread was going on, I thought to get it confirmed.
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    hmm, i don't think it hurts that much if you clean your history once in a while (every couple of months) but not to delete the accounts when asked for.

    reason for that is that the script in SER might be improved for a particular engine or the captcha is solvable in CB now. when you clear the history you give SER another chance to post to previously failed submissions.
  • Ozz so does that mean when I only delete the url history  GSA will still remember all of the posted URLs
    BUT delets the "already parsed" so it will start posting to the very first urls again?
    So if iI have an onld campaign that has many submissions it will start from the beginning of the first found URL again?
  • to my understanding, yes.
  • ronron

    @sven can you clarify this.

    I thought if you delete url history, then it could screw up a project where you have it marked 'to not post twice to the same domain'. Is that true, or did I misunderstand? 

  • SvenSven
    A misunderstanding, as the program will check the submitted and verified URL list before posting to a new site. If a backlink exists on it, it will not post.
  • ronron
    Thanks - that is almost a one year misunderstanding.
  • donchinodonchino
    Is there a way to delete Statistics (submitted, verified) from the options menu? The purpose to choose which platforms get verified the best, I think it should need to be reset to gather new info...
  • SvenSven
    If you use site lists, you can create a comparison between identified/verified e.g. when using options->advanced->tools->stats...
  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    "as the program will check the submitted and verified URL list before posting to a new site. If a backlink exists on it, it will not post."

    Is there a way to disable this or does it do it in a way so as not to slow down the overall process? I generally use various domains as well as anchors so the chance of a page having the same link/anchor is slim even if it does already contain a similar link.
  • donchinodonchino
    Untick "Avoid posting URL on same domain twice" under Options, and you disable it.
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