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A {good|bad} idea ?

Hi everyone!

I am a beginner in the world of SEO, but I have very good results with SER for my small business.

@ Sven, thank you for this cheap and highly efficient software!
@ Ron, I'm a fan of all your posts, you are a genius of SEO!, congrats !

Recently, I saw a warning message on an update of SER, so I think we have a very powerful tool in the hands, and it came to me an {good|bad} idea.
What about using SER to downgrade competitors sites and bring them to Google sandbox hiding my ass behind proxies of course?
If you think my idea is good, what would be the settings in SER?


Simon V.


  • Just spam with same anchor text and without spin text.
  • Thanks for your quick response Bruut !
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Personally I think people with the intent of using the software in this manor should have their licences revoked


  • Hi LeeG,

    I understand your point of vue, it's why I've title my post: a {good|bad} idea :))


    Simon V.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Learn to use it to rank your sites and not take the idiot approach of not having the brains to rank your own site so damage others that have spent the time to learn seo
  • You all right, Leeg !
    Thanks for your comment.
  • I perfectly agree with @LeeG. I'd really go mad if it would happen to any of my sites.

    I left YouTube due to same reason, competitors flagging the videos to bring down my earnings and increase theirs.

    Hence I came to BH SEO for the very same reason, thinking that at least I won't have the fear of flagging or something on the web.

    Just work on your site, why waste resources too on outranking other sites by false methods? :)

    Instead you can use those resources to build another niche site = profit!
  • Thanks for your point of view Pratik.
  • ronron
    edited July 2013

    Don't do it. Look, google will likely take them down anyway, as well as you, lol.

    Just understand that rankings these days don't last very long. One year is long term if you know what I mean.

    Rankings by themselves mean nothing. It's far more important to find a niche that makes money. Once you prove that you can do that, learn to tweak your moneysite to make more money as I wrote about here:

    Then once you 'know' a niche is a moneymaker, add more sites. If you are doing all of that, you won't have time for that stupid negative seo stuff (because that stuff won't help you make money anyway).

  • @ron Only if there was like button, I'd have liked your each post. :D

    @simvui You can consider each post that @ron make as a tutorial, lol. :)

  • @ron Ok, I will search for a niche, thks !
    @Pratik, have a nice seo.
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    I don't like how you said "@ Sven, thank you for this cheap and highly efficient software!"

    I don't like to think of GSA SER as cheap - better way to have given credit, would have been to say: Thank you for pricing GSA SER so competitively.
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