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download failed - wrong format url

I got alot of download failed when scraping for a new list, it seems the url in wrong format, is this kind of bugs or what? i got alot of these.

01:56:31: [-] 01/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 02/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 03/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 04/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 05/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 06/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 07/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 08/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 09/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 10/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 11/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 12/13 download failed -
01:56:31: [-] 13/13 download failed -


Best Answer

  • cherubcherub UK
    Accepted Answer
    Actually I think it's the %2f in those urls instead of a forward slash / causing the problems
    There may be an issue with one of the search engine parsers, or whatever scraper you use.


  • dead proxies/connection
  • No, try click the url, you will get server not found
  • @cherub

    yes, %2f might cause the problem, will try to edit my search engine selection,
  • if i open the urls in my browser most of them load fine. 2 of them were dead.
  • None of them load for me (Firefox). If you view source of the page you'll see the urls are constructed with the %2f encoding instead of a forward slash.

    Maybe keep an eye for which search engine is giving you these urls @zenn
  • edited July 2013

    None of them working for me. All give me server not found. Using firefox btw.


    Ill just configure all search engine im using give me most result in those url format, (info,google,yahoo,ecosia,msn) Now im just using 6.17 version and all seem working fine again, no those weird url. So its some kind of bugs ill assume?
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    copy/paste a url like "" is working for me. but i can't open the link directly from your post which has something to do with the "blankreferrer" feature of this forum i suppose. this has nothing to do with SER i guess and is just a bad coincidence. i'm also not seeing any 2%f code you guys are referring to??!*

    the "download failed" messages usually appear when your proxies are dead. it may also be possible that your firewall/AV is blocking the links.

    *Edit: now i see that the 2%f is in the hyperlink but its showing me a "/" in my browser (Iron).
  • SvenSven
    From what search engine are the URLs coming?
  • I have a feeling it may be Yahoo (from previous scraping adventures) but I havent yet been able to replicate the behaviour
  • edited July 2013

    Im using your preferred search engine, and the urls coming from all search engine on those list ( im testing each one from info/google/yahoo/ecosia/msn). Its happen on 6.30 version, so i downgrade to 6.17
  • SvenSven
    Well if you know what search engine or URL it is coming from, I can tweak it.
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