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How can I save Engine/Option Settings?


I am new here and I am fairly new to GSA as well so please bear with me.  

I just finished reading a huge thread regarding "Low Thread counts" and I manually tested different "engine" + "project option" configurations which I'd like to apply to every project I make moving forward.  I have been poking around trying to see how to create a new project using the same settings as the last however; I can't find a way to do it.

Is duplicating the last project the only option I have to keep the same settings?

Thank you for your help guys!


  • I'd like to clarify, that the preferences I am most interested in keeping relate to the engine selections .. if possible I'd like to keep both "engine selections + project options".. 
  • For project options :

    Double clic on your project, and go to "tools > export > options".

    For engine selections :

    Right clic in the column where engines are and choose "Load/save engine selection".
  • Awesome! Thank you so much Sawa!
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