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Req sven: Pause Campaign

Hi Seven
Thank you for making GSA one of the best SEO software in the market. I never had any SEO software which update as frequent as GSA.  Thank you again for awesome SEO tools.

I use wireless internet. sometimes my internet connection get disconnected itself. it would be brilliant if GSA has option if internet connection is down all the campaign will be pause. until internet service is resumed. 



  • I think the only workaround for this would be to use a huge http timeout value
  • SvenSven
    Sorry but adding this (monitor internet connection) would cause a lag of speed. Also the only 100% secure way to detect if the internet is up/down would be to ping some server. There is not really a good way to see if your WAN is alife.
  • you could try to "stop all projects when no active proxies" and retest them every 1-10 or so. i'm not 100% sure if projects start automatically again if the proxy test was successful and SER has alive proxies to work with.
  • SvenSven
    No, projects will not start again.
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