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Improved WordPress Captcha (Sneak Preview)

edited July 2013 in Other / Mixed
You are not forced to install this right now as the existing definition works already fine and I suppose that it will be integrated into the next update of CB (maybe tomorrow??). However, as this a very common captcha type and you'll most likely get a couple of thousands of it within a day it may be worth to install.


- stop SER (and all other tools that are sending captchas to CB)
- download file to desktop
- right click the captcha overview in CB -> import -> from file -> select the downloaded file
- browse in the tree view to -> Blog Comment -> Wordpress
- delete 'Wordpress (blue)', 'Wordpress (grey)' and 'Wordpress (stone)'
- restart CB
- done

Wordpress (classic) -> 69% solving rate -> ~20% faster -> most common type
Wordpress (classic small) -> 43% solving rate -> can't tell how well it worked before. its ~20% slower than CS though but with 5% better solving rate for 700 tested captchas
Wordpress (classic red) -> 85% solving rate -> i guess the solving rate is much higher in reality when its got detected successfully


Have fun!


  • SvenSven
    wow nice work @Ozz thanks for the contribution...will add it to the default setup soon :)
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