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Excel VBA Macro to Compare Submitted vs Verified URLs

There are several ways to identify which engines are performing / not performing.  I thought that I would share my method in this post.

I wrote an Excel VBA tool to compare submitted vs verified URLs.  The output can be used to identify which engines that performed well.  Then you can focus on them to improve your LPM.  However I'm not sure if you guys are interested with this?  The macro is not "very easy" to use as you need to tell it where the "site_list-success" and "site_list-verify" folders are located prior to running it.  Below is a screenshot of the outcome.

The macro basically loads the files within the above folders and count the URLs.  You could then compare between submitted vs verified and determine which ones are performing well or not.

Let me know if you guys are interested and I can write more details on how to use the tool and share the macro.



  • Im interested about this macro in excel, please let me know.

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
  • including this in my app ,)
  • yes please!
  • Bluejacket - fantastic!  Worked like a charm...  Thank you so much :)

    Now I need to go back and find the recommended way of deleting the under performing engines.  I assumed that you just go into the ...\GSA Search Engine Ranker\Engines folder and delete the appropriate files, but I see that they get replaced when Sven puts out an update. Considering how often he makes tweaks and improvements, I'm sure there is a more efficient way than going into the folder each time and deleting 30-40 files...

    I know it's been discussed here, and I'm sure I'll be able to find it later, but... if anyone has a link or tip on the best way to keep things running smoothly, that would be great.  Thanks again!
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    why don't you just uncheck the unwanted engines in your projects


    btw, nice work Bluejacket. looks promising and will try it later!
  • edited July 2013
    Thank's Sammy (Bluejacket) ;)
  • nice work Bluejacket
  • Ozz "why don't you just uncheck the unwanted engines in your projects"

    I've got a bunch of different projects running on the scheduler, so I would need to go in to each project and un-check about 35 boxes.  I figured that just doing it once in the folder would be easier.

    What I did was just remove the engines that weren't giving me good results, then I copied the contents of the whole folder to another folder.  With the new updates, I can just replace the new folder with the old, cleaned up version.  If I see in the version updates that there are some new engines, I can pull those out before deleting. 

    Does that make sense???  I'm asking because I certainly don't have as thorough a grasp on all this as you, so if I'm way off base somehow, I don't mind being told as much by the likes of you. :)
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    well, thats a good reason, but i think its better to take your time and uncheck them to avoid the delete/copy/paste task for the future.
    if you use similar or equal engines for different project than safe the engine selection of one project to file and import it to the other similar projects. do this for the other projects as well which are similar to each other. this makes more sense to me.

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