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Change to proxy check

I run 30 semi private proxies, and what I've found is that when the software checks the proxies (all 30 at once) there is a big freeze in the software running.  I have done some testing doing selected proxy checking and have found that if I do 5-8 proxy checks of only bad ones that things run much more smoothly with only a minor slowdown detected.

So the features I would like to request are:

Add the ability to check x number of "bad" proxies (bad meaning the software has them showing red or failed a previous check) while not checking any of the good or currently working proxies.
The above check will hopefully be random ones from the list to avoid rechecking the same bad proxies over and over if they somehow get banned.
Have the timer be in seconds, and not minutes for when to do the recheck.

I think by checking less proxies at a time and slightly more frequently the software should run smoother and not act like someone throwing a wrench in the gears every time the proxies are checked.

Thank you.


  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    use less threads for proxy testing (configure proxies -> options).
    just use like 5 threads for testing ("all good/bad") with a time inveral of 60 minutes or whatever you prefer.

    thats not 100% what you asked for, but i doubt that 5 threads harm your system.
  • Thanks Ozz, that worked quite well.
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