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Anchor text significance?

edited July 2013 in Feature Requests
For various sites, we might be using 3-4 main keyword related anchor texts. However, out of those, one term is our primary keyword for which we are wanting to rank for.

So how about allow a user to control or let him signify which anchor text should be given most importance?

For example, let's say I want to rank for 4 keywords:

1. Example 1
2. Example 2
3. Example 3
4. Example 4

Now, consider that example 1 is my main keyword and I want SER to be a little partial use it as anchor text a bit more than the others. So what I could do is assign those anchor texts a % to each. Say out of all four keywords, I want 40% links to consist "example 1" and 20% links each to rest three keywords. So I could assign a sort of this type of macro in spintax:


or in the standard macro format like:


It'd be good to have a little more control. :)

Pardon me if such a thing exists or has been suggested and denied before.

Thank you!


  • you are able to control that when you are using that keyword more than one time in your spintext.


    KeywordA = 50%
    KeywordB/C = 25% each
  • @Ozz

    Ah, sounds good.
  • How you can do this?
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