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edited September 2012 in Feature Requests
I was reading  GlobalGoogler's thread on best practices in project structure and was thinking that after all his work in setting up this structure it should be easy for him to replicate this on new projects, duplicating the whole group at once with all the options already set. Maybe it would also be good to be able to save this structure as a template without data fields for future uses. You could then have your personal "library" of templates (for different types of campaigns) from which to choose in setting up a campaign and it would be really fast. Obviously you would have to fill in data fields correctly.
Also it could be easier to share templates that have prooved to be good.

We can already duplicate a single project, we can backup and restore an entire group of projects, maybe it is not so much work to set this up, only Sven can tell...


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I was thinking of making the data options available, but then people won't read the thread and will miss the tips and how I did it. By getting them to follow step by step they learn the program. They will then also ask the questions, like "how to select all platforms, or how to duplicate projects" 

    Also - then people will start asking "Why am I not getting any results, or similar type questions" if they just copy the project without learning why it's structured like that. 
  • @GlobalGoogler: No, your thread is good like it is, and I look forward to follow it step by step, because I'd like to learn things.
    But after that learning period, I think that the option to use templates would be a good one to put these things in use.
    The fact that lazy people will just copy things off without understanding why it works (or it doesn't) shouldn't be a good reason for not having a cool feature (if we think it is a cool feature).
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