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GSA SER 6.25 Stops Responding After Time


Anyone else experiencing that 6.25 gets really big - like 1.1Gb+ and then just stops responding? No cpu load, no network load, just sits there and does nothing.

Rolled back to 6.24 and all is fine.


  • no probs with 6.25 so far.  Running 40ish projects at 200 threads at 1.7Gb fairly solidly so far
  • it took about 3h to crash, system was not even close to full load
  • I experience sluggish.. From a F1 car to a old grandmother walking. drops from 100+ lpm to 3lpm.

  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    whats in your logs? are your proxies tested successfully and shown in the status bar (P:)?

    you should do a backup and send this to Sven so he can investigate it.
  • I don't have crash but this version is definitely slower, from 100+ lpm to 50 lpm. I also noticed CB recognized captcha is at 72%, it was at 81% in latest version, i don't know if it's connected.
  • I would sure like to know how I can send Sven bug reports other then through the program.... I've been having one hell of a time getting things to work after gsa ser 6.19 ..... I then, through a bunch of reading found out that 6.21 and 1.97 of CB would work together, and sure enough, I had to put my threads down, but those 2 are the one's I've been using since before Sven went out on break. Can anyone help me out here? I'd like to get updates, but can't afford for this to shut down! @FatSteve, I've had problems since the memory leak...

    How do you get logs together to send to sven? Most of the time the program freezes so I can't even send a bug report via software side!

  • Neither can I, it just stops responding and I have to kill the process. No way of knowing what went wrong.

    I have Win Server 8 R2, 8Gb ram and 4 core CPU, more than enough resources to handle GSA when it pops over 1Gb in RAM, but 6.25 just stops. Checked all - no disc activity, no network, nothing on CPU. Still sits there and does nothing at all. After some time "program not responding" window pops up. 6.24 blasting at 300 threads without any problem.
  • Hey, are you able to resolve that matter? I Guess I am starting to face the same problem again. @Sven should do something asap. 10 days passed for this bug already and no fix at all
  • send him backups of your project and settings.
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