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GSA Softwares question.

I own CB and SER and I'm looking to migrate to different VPS.

I have backed up the two folders in app data. Now I'm trying to backup those two in program files but it has immense amount of files and size is going up like anything.

So I've question. To backup all perfectly, would it be as is with all options stored correctly if I install SER and CB from the official download package and then just overwrite the two app data folders for SER and CB? @Sven or anyone if could be of help.

Thank you.


  • do it the right way.

    1) right click a project -> modify -> backup all 
    <--- in case you just want to backup specific projects than mark them first with 'CTRL + left mouse click' -> modify -> backup
    2) click 'Options' -> backup settings (in the bottom left corner)

    to restore your projects and settings do it the other way around on your new machine.
  • Thanks @Ozz. What about the captcha breaker though?
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    i don't get what you are asking regarding this.
    just install and register it on your new machine. its just a few clicks to change the options if you don't want to use the default settings.
    if you have own captcha definitions than copy/paste the captcha_systems folder.

    btw, i would like if you use a meaningful title next time as some other people could be interested in that topic as well when lurking the forum or could help you out because not everyone is so stupid and opens every thread (like me).
  • @Ozz

    Anyway, I'm trying to zip and transfer everything and will see if it works. I would like everything to be transferred with each custom setting and configuration as is, that's why I'm doing this hassle.

    Appreciate your time.

    Tried to edit title, but I don't have permission to do so now.

    Thank you.
  • Got things moved.

    Moved GSA entirely as folder and had to download setup of CB and install it.

    Phew, it was few hours of work to export other data too but was worth it.

    Thanks Ozz for your input, appreciate too.
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