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Why are you [GSA Team] trying to get some backlinks from people who dont even know that?

* I will not respond here any more, I just wanted people to know what you are doing. (I am tired to delete those lines after every update)


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Woah. Ya I'm not a big fan of having m4tt cutts blog in there ... actually I didn't even know it was. @Sven - We should definitely ditch that. lol
  • Yes i have checked, i have this too! But i am sure if for someone this it's not so acceptable, Sven will delete them!
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    from the change log:
    generic_urls.dat can have a new format that let's you define what URLs to insert for what anchor texts (e.g.,GSA,SER,CaptchaBreaker)
    The old format with is of course still working.

    unless your ANCHOR TEXT is something of #SEO,GSA,SER,CaptchaBreaker your campaigns won't be affected as this are just examples how to use this function. for the rare case you are targeting those keywords than this are the urls you like to use anyway.
  • SvenSven

    What @Ozz said.

    It's just a sample. I don't think anyone would make an article about GSA, SER or CaptchaBreaker in it at all, but if so, there is a chance that the keywords get used with that url if that option is enabled. And if you make an article about SEO, you get some SEO related random links who are actually related to it.

  • Like most other things in SER, the generic urls are completely user configurable. If you use them, you are free to change them to whatever you want, tailored to your campaigns.

    I will not respond here any more, I just wanted people to know what you are doing
    By stating such, you are saying that any point or argument you have is not worth defending, or you have no spine, or are just trolling. I suspect all three to be true.
  • you need to pray
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