Add shared Captcha Breaker solution on my Captcha Breaker

How i can add this shared on my CB ?

Where i need to add this files, please help me who knows.


  • you can download them or install from URL by right clicking the captcha selection window in CB -> import.

    but normally there is no use for this as all captchas should be reviewed by Sven first and he then adds them to the next release.
    keep in mind that the captchas in the actual database are already existing captchas, so there is not need to install them. i guess some user liked to test the "share online" feature in CB and uploaded all the definitions.
    i believe the only exeptions are the first two files in the database (phpBB and burning board), which were uploaded by me yesterday because the existing definitions seems to be bugged for some users.

    long story short. just wait until sven add new captchas to next release.
  • Ok great, thanks @Ozz this was helping me. And for sure save some time to not download all thoose capthas. Becouse i have seen this button in Captcha Breaker and i have think that this can help, but like always this showing that Sven work always for us!
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