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Strange box asking for Captcha

Hello i have some problems, i don't know if this is something normal, or i can fix it.

Everytime appear the window that ask me to insert the captcha, and this takes time, even sometime gsa stops and wait for this captcha. I have CB enabled and it solve some captcha, so how about to turn this off, or to disable, thanks.


  • project options -> if a form field can't be filled -> change to "random"
  • Ok thanks, do you suggest me to turn this off? What settings you have guys?
  • ?? just choose "random"
  • I mean you all are checking this option? Or is better to keep it how it was?
  • i mean you asked how to get rid of that annoying box and i told you what to do.

    if you like that box than keep the settings to "ask user", if not than "choose random". no need to discuss about this imo because its a simple descision you have to take. you can image that the vast majority of user doesn't like that box.
  • OK thanks again. However it still showing, but this time it display only the captcha, so how i can turn also this off? There is a solution, or..
  • either change
    -> in project options -> from "ask all services / ask user" to "ask all services"
    -> or uncheck in options -> "finally ask user if anything else fails"
  • Ok thanks again, seems that now are ok, hope that this settings are good to go, and i am not doing something wrong by disable them.
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