GSA & CSX4 : Compatibility issue?

I've been noticing that CSX4 is crushing every time i open my VPS again after 12 hours -_-

I tried asking to CS support via their forum and skype. But they didnt help me :'( They just keeping on saying that theres no problem w/ CSX4, but its the opposite of what i see. :(

Now , is it SER that is causing the CSX4 crushed? please need help . this is not a joke :(


  • hmm, do you notice anything odd like a remarkable increase in RAM usage after a couple of hours for one of your tools?

    its hard to tell what going on when things like this happen. do you get a error message?
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    @ozz - no remarkable increase of RAM but my verified links is very low.

    No error but this is not the expected verified links that i should get because i already red almost all the threads from you, @ron and @LeeG :(

    @all - is there anyone out there like me that's been using SER + CS for a couple of months and then suddenly verified links are getting very very low?
  • in which relation are low verifications to your issues with crashing of CS exactly? don't you think this are two very different animals?
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