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How many verified links per campaign do you guys get per day?

How many verified links per campaign do you guys get per day on average? I have around 50 proxies, set to 300 threads, and only got around 60-80 verified links (mixed of different platforms and engine types) using @Ron's kitchen sink setup. Is this normal?

I am not importing anything for SB/GScraper, everything is based on GSA alone. 


  • I think more or less 1.000 verified links. I dont know why you are getting just those 60-80 per day, maybe public proxies or poor link lists.

    Try harvesting massive amounts of links and using private proxies.
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    Getting 2K+ or so recently in total though.
  • ronron

    Somewhere around 15,000 - 25,000. A lot of it depends on how many projects you have going, what your LPM is, if you have a lot of T1's with low link limits, how many kitchen sinks you have, whether you are using efficient engines, are you using big keyword lists, etc.

    One of the problems is that people compare themselves to each other here, and that is like comparing apples to oranges. My numbers from the first few months is night and day compared to where I am now.

    All that matters is whether the job is getting done.

  • Yeah, as Ron mentioned, much of it has to do with LPM. Running on 5-10 LPM sure won't get anywhere near even 500 verified daily.
  • Having the same problem.

    40 p proxies, 100 threads and using 40 random projects/hour - getting around 100-300 verified links/day and 10-15 LPM.

    Tried with my own list and without - same result.

    PS: I am on berman VPS 

  • As mentioned in OP, I am running 30 private proxies, 300 threads, and getting around 200-300 total per day (spread among maybe 5-6 projects). My LpM has been low, i am getting less than 10 sometime, otherwise 20-30. BUT nothing over that. I am not sure why.

    Is it my computer? Or is it my proxies? I have 25 Mbps internet. Not the fastest but it should be enough tho.. at least thats my guess.
  • OzzOzz
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    deliver some speed test results. i'm not sure if 25 Mbps are enough for 300 threads.
    did you optimize your projets like LeeG and others shared along this forum? visit the sticky "Compiled list of tips..." thread to find those threads about boosting your performance.
  • My LPM has gone down today, not sure why. Proxies are good, emails are good. I was getting 40 since past 4-5 days, but today, revolving around 20.
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    maybe its just bad luck as SER had spent much time for verifications or didn't find enough target urls. SER is not a clockwork so you need to be relaxed and just keep it running.
  • Use Scheduler!.... Scheduler will help distribute the resource much better in every tiers and secondary links of all your projects also you can identify what project is running slowly so you can work on it.
  • i've been having low verified vs submissions for 1 month now and i can't seem to fix it.  i'm on berman hosting as well i wonder if this is causing the issue.

    my LPM i can get high it's just the verified is down as low as 2%
  • @rodol Thanks.

    SER has been insanely slow for today. I'm now trying to play with scheduler thing, but on starting it, I'm unable to close it even on pressing thee close button! Is is normal?

    Also what might be recommended settings for it? I've around 14 active projects. I've currently set it to run 7 projects for 10 minutes and then switch it. Is it good?

    Thank you.
  • I have something like 100 verified links. It's not a juge, but this just becouse i haven't learn it fully and don't test it better. Maybe with 20 private proxies, vps and captcha breaker i can expect more, but i am sure that with help here on forum and on more seriusly problem with @Sven i will soon improve my results.
  • Too many variables to consider an average in my opinion. Depends on how many concurrent projects, hardware, bandwidth, keywords, URL targets, captcha settings,  filters, etc.
  • Ya my GSA SER runs super slow too. Something around 0.41 LPM recently, usually its 1.4 LPM which is equally as shitty. the 0.41 LPM only started happening in the past 1-2 days. Plus I'm getting allot of "possible firewall or proxy issue" messages.

    I have around 6-8 active projects, using Hoststage VPS, 10 private proxies, Speed test says around 45mbps. but apparently according to hoststage its upwards of 100mbps. Running GSA on 240 threads. Combined with captha breaker.  I was thinking with a VPS, private proxies and captcha breaker I'd see much better results but the link building is so slow it doesen't even maintain the costs involved.

    Settings are pretty lenient, PR 1 + and outbound links of 120-. Forums, Blog comments, Article, Guestbook, Directory, Microblog, Image comments, Social networks/bookmark.

    Verified links per day for all projects combined is probably somewhere around 50-120.

    Either way, link building is very slow. And not enough to keep up with the competition for most keywords. Any help is appreciated. Maybe someone wants to check out my projects and GSA settings. I'm pretty new to GSA so I'm learning more every day. Thanks.
  • You need a ton of broad KWS to fly. Put in a couple thousand. You can even try switching it up and doing it all in spanish or german. Lots of ways to get links ;)
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    @sweeppicker Thank you for the advice. Will try it out.

    Any free keyword tools that can easily give me tons of relevant and general keywords as a simple copy and paste into the keyword area in GSA?
  • hey @pratik try 30 mins..
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    I don't keep any filters, they're not worth it tbh. Setting no filters (i.e. no outbound links calculation as well as PR filter) will save resources, speed up things as well as make it look more natural.

    Getting an LPM of 21 currently, but not satisfied at all.

    SER is lagging like anything too with 8-9 active projects, 60+ private proxies, renewed email address. I was getting LPM of 40 two days back.

    I think there is still a persistent issue of memory leak maybe somehow which needs to be looked at @Sven.
  • @Pratik

    I've tried no restrictions as well for a spam youtube project. Not going much faster either.


    Loaded in a few thousand keywords. Still not seeing any difference. It's been a few days and the LPM barely hits 0.81.
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