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    If they could... why not? Please, provide us some footprints for Zendesk. Sven is currently on holiday but everybody know he would like to work a bit more when he finally comes back.

    First one here:
    "Support Software by Zendesk"
    "support software" "/entries/"
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    Would be better inurl:"/entries/" "support software"

  • I will code this. Just send me a big sample of urls.
  • @Diaze Sample URLs sent.
  • Try this footprint:

    "Support Software by Zendesk" "Sign-up to *" "Your full name" "your email address" "your twitter account (optional)"
  • I will also look at the possibility of coding for this platform?
    Peisithanatos  Can you send me sample URLs  ?

  • Sure @cnhx Samples sent.
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    Besides ZenDesk, there are also other popular support platforms such as, UserVoice, Casengo,, ClickDesk... anyone knows if they are also indexable and allow links on the customer requests?
  • I'm getting back on the engine, i just need to fix a little bug to finish it and i will send it right away :)

    Besides thank you Peisithanatos for the samples, i appreciate it.
  • Waouhhhh ..... Diaze you are too fast ....
  • thumbs up, Diaze!
  • edited July 2013
    Ok guys, sorry i haven't had enough time to sort out this thing so i will just post it here and try to get back to it asap.

    Here is the debug version i have done. The engine doesn't fully work in this state. 

    It does handle, Registration and Validation (Extraction + Password setup) and almost the last part which is Posting. 

    I know i have a strange way to code things so if you don't understand something just ask. 
    Such as the variable [starturl] . This one just save the original target url for future use, which can be really useful. 

    [verifurl] It searches for the validation url. When called with the extract from email=urlverif=verifurl
    It saves it in the urlverif variable we will use in the first Login process (LOGIN_STEP1)

    What's left is, the posting process [Filling the fields and posting] as of now it's not working and i haven't had a deeper look into it. 

    And also searching for the different cat where there is an "Add article" button. 

    I will try to finish it asap but if someone wants to help, here is the code.

    Make sure to open the Debug option (Options - Advanced - Run Debug Mode) 

    A cool tip also is to view the html with notepad ++ of each step in the debug option and to press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R (or another letter for another browser) . That will open Chrome and display the html page that Gsa Ser actually see.
  • Nice work @Diaze. Unfortunately, I am just learning how to code with SER so I am afraid I´m not going to be very helpful regarding this. Hope you improve the engine.
  • SvenSven
    Next version has this engine added. Note that I didn't use @Diaze work here but it looked good to me in most parts.
  • edited July 2013
    Thanks @Sven. Whenever I have time, I will look into other support platforms that allow post creation as I have mentioned above.
  • I think that engine file should include:

    url must have=!
    it is pointless to let them now ;-) correct me if i'm wrong... I'm weak at engine-building :P
  • SvenSven
    yes I guess thats a good addition to not spam them. thanks.
  • is anyone using it? noone has activated that engine after update or sth? :P
    there are suspiciously few spammy articles :>
  • looks like the engine is not working, 0 verified articles from thousands of scraped with footprints domains. Will look at the engine, maybe I find place to fix.
  • SvenSven
    Hmm it's recaptcha, maybe your setup doesn't fill it, because for me it does and I get articles.
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