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Tier 1 manual vs auto confusion.


I just started my second project 2 days back. I made around 10 quality hand-made web 2.0s for it and then applied @ron's tier system. I was researching about another niche project today and found a .mobi domain ranking on page #1 and it made me lol. So I researched about it's profile in raven tools, and it had around 3500+ total links (moz) and around 16K external links as per Majestic SEO.

And there I had a complex (lol) and I'm now confused again whether doing Tier 1 manually would be good or I just blast it away with SER? Because no matter how much links I built to my manual T1 links, it'll be only 10 at any given time. Will it be still able to rank well? What do you guys recommend? Anyone wants to share a word or their story with manual tier1?

That'd boost my confidence again, haha.

Thank you.


  • Tim89Tim89
    Just blast it, google will end up killing it anyway in the future with updates...

    websites won't last forever no matter what you do unless you've got a hefty advertising budget.

    spam the shit out of it until its school'd to rank number 1.
  • @Tim89 Thanks for the tip.

    Anyone else got anything to share?

    Thank you.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited June 2013
    Why not do both? Also do you mind PM'ing me the .mobi site? I really would love to check some of its backlinks.
  • @spunko Thank you.

    Well, I'd PM but it's the niche that I'm actually going to use, so it'd be a little difficult haha. Hope you can understand! :)

  • Also, I assume that by doing both, I'd need to lay out separate tiers underneath those auto Tier 1. So basically two giant projects. Hmm, sounds like a plan, but good amount of work too. But if it ripens well, it'd be well worth the effort.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited June 2013
    @Pratik you should vary your strategy and vary it again. It is probably the safest way.

    For example, I build some web 2.0s manually to my M$, and I don't do tiered linking to them at all. Then I build some spun web 2.0 to different pages, and do tiered linking on them. Or I manually write web 2.0 stuff and spin it to sh*t i.e. point 5k wiki profiles at it. ... Or, every so often I will send a few BCs, trackbacks, forum stuff to my M$. It's just about changing tactics in my opinion the safer way to minimize effects of any future google updates. Never put all your eggs in one basket. But also don't be careless! And be ready to ditch the M$ and/or build up a similar website(s) in case you get slapped. Always be prepared. 
  • Thanks spunko.

    Any more advise will be great.
  • ronron

    It's pretty much impossible to achieve any scale if you are building web 2.0's by hand. That's why I won't do that.

    That's not to say there is anything wrong with doing that. Especially when starting out. But eventually you need some type of product or tool to get those built automatically.

    But back to your point on the .mobi. If you research various niches, you will find tons of examples where people can spam to the top. And you can find just as many results with tiers, as well as other methods.

    What I wrote up was an example of how I use tiering. That doesn't mean I always use tiers. You should experiment on different websites trying different methods. There is more than one way to skin a goose.

    Remember, more of your websites (and my websites) will fail than succeed. That's how the game is played. In numbers. Keep the winners. Abort the losers. Since you will always have a good number of losers, you must adopt the attitude to try different things.

    You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If you don't, you will never learn, and it will just become 10X more difficult to make some serious money. So try and come up with at least three different linkbuilding approaches, and give each one a whirl. And it would be even better to give each one a whirl in the same niche because then you will really learn a lot - each of your websites side by side. Ultimate learning experience. 

  • @ron

    Great post. I'm always ready to surpass the limits and move on from the failed sites. Been webmaster for several years, and have that experience over the hand. :)

    I also have plan to try different link building strategy without any tiers and see if I can achieve any rankings. I've been experimenting few things on current project too.

    Also curious what do you use for web 2.0? UD or MS or just GSA?

    Thank you.
  • edited June 2013
    I'm using UD for Tier 1 (with manually spun articles, including Web 2.0) and the rest tiers using SER (with KM's articles).  However, I've been considering to completely use SER due to the number of verified submissions.  SER is like a beast.  Whilst UD is very intuitive and easy to use, once I understand SER's characteristics and am able to control it, I'm starting to wonder why should I keep my UD.  Paid almost 4 times than SER purchase cost.  I guess this is part of learning process.
  • Blue what is UD???
  • @on1x1 UD stands for Ultimate Demon.

    I use MS, RW and FCS Networker for tier 1 and leave the rest for GSA. I am thinking on give up MS, since both RW and FCS provide now account creation.
  • @Peisithanatos Unsure what is RW, hmm.

    Yes, SER is really a beast tool. Granted, it took me about one week to sit and watch videos, learn and apply various functions, but after that, it was very pleasant.

    And for the lifetime price, it's a bang on the buck really.
  • @Pratik RW means RankWyz

    And yes, GSA SER is also my favourite SEO tool.
  • Ah, yes I've heard about it. But not too keen about it.

    I think SER is beast and should do the job fine. Even if I make a few hundreds or thousands a month, I "could" consider getting a tool for tier 1 separately but SER simply is one of it's kind.

    I hope SEREngines improves verification rate too.

    Thanks for your views!
  • ronron
    I think if you are serious about playing the game, you must have more than one tool to get the job done. I don't think there is a tool I have ever admired more than SER, but if that is all you have in your toolkit, it will be very difficult if not impossible to succeed in more competitive niches.
  • edited June 2013

    Definitely you're correct. But my game plan is to stick to GSA SER for time being while I make a few hundred dollars. Because, many of those tools costs a monthly subscription, and without making a penny, I continue to drown in loss. So basically, that's what I'm thinking, investing in other tools once I reap out some benefit from current sites. Of course SER is fantastic and will always stay in my tool box.

    Mind to share if you're comfortable on what tool(s) you use (especially for Web 2.0s) ? I'm always keen to hear from you, of course, if you want to share.

  • ronron
    What was discussed above would be at the top of my list. But it is not all about tools. You need to have an actual seo strategy, and understand what you are trying to accomplish. Some things can only be done by hand. And some things are better left to be outsourced by those who specialize in a particular task. There's a lot to all of this. The tools just do what you tell them to do. So your approach is far more important than the actual tool(s). 
  • @ron

    Thank you again.
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