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DoFollowMe- Subdomain with DoFollow backlinks

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Hi there,

First of all, I really know GSA only since a few weeks. I ordered a Remote Desktop at Extreme SEO Tools for XRumer. This RDP was loaded with SEO tools with the GSA suit among them. I checked it out and must say I'm quite impressed by the software and use it now for every project with good results.

Now what this thread is about; just recently I was thinking about how to help out the community and have a little benefit of it myself. Then it occurred to me that Google threats subdomains as independent domains. I thought what if I could make a site where people could easily register a subdomain and put their article text on it among with their links and their own anchors. They could put related content on it and use it as tier-1 or tier-2 links. I only learned PHP a few months ago but I started scripting last week. I made a website where you can register your subdomain, enter text with links+anchors in between, your own header+alt, youtube video, and title+h1 text. I made this with one thing in the back of my head: make it as easy as possible to register for both humans and computers. The result is at . Note that I'm not a designer though, so don't judge this site by its design. 

I also bought a few 3-11 years old 2-letter-1-digit .org and .net domains at GoDaddy expired, which I will use in this concept too in case of positive receptions.  All  domains will be hosted on different subnets. 

The advantage for me is to place some ads on it, for people who might visit the subdomains. Also, I added a basic filter that will look for adult keywords and adjust the ads on it. 

It would be great if GSA would implement this website (and future network) into their software. It could be used to generate high quality content-related dofollow anchor-optimized independent backlinks for free, especially on the older to-be-added 3-character domains.


  • Tim89Tim89
    I personally think a self made platform like you've created right there is a very good idea.

    You just need to scale it up immensely for it to be any use to us SEOist's, that and you need to get some good PR on your root domains, then you'll be in business and you'll be raking in the money using advertising... that is ofcourse before google ban your entire network and deindex all of your domains.

    but yea i think its a good idea, you simply need to have a bigger network of sites for sven to even consider adding a platform script for it.. anyway that's what I think.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Actually on second thoughts, if you keep the root domain clean, you should evade any deindexing... google will only end up deindexing the sub domain leaving the root intact, but yeah try and get loooooooaaaads of high pr roots and then whack your script on it and ask sven, once that's done please do send me your sitelist
  • Thanks for your honest opinion!
    However, my intentions were to let the PR grow by itself. All subdomains link to the root-domain so that pagerank will come by itself I think. How many domains do you think I'll need in order to have it implemented? 5-10-20-100? As I said, you create your own content and therefore all backlinks created will ne content related - your page is the only page (on that subdomain that is). The links I added on the right to other subdomains are all no-follow.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Well, Personally, platforms like PHPFox, there are millions of sites out there to get a link from, different IP's.

    if the sub domains which get created are from different IP addresses then you'd only need 1 site in theory however I don't think that's possible, I'd say grab 100 domains, share those domains in a discrete way or even simply provide the footprint, then sit an wait for the spam and PR.
  • Thanks,
    Last questions (hopefully):
    You suggest I get about a 100 domains. Let's say I start with 50, Should I host them all on different subnets? I Ask this because that in in fact means I need 50 separate hosting accounts, since hosts that do offer multiple IP's on one account, always offer these on the same subnet.

    Also, you mean sharing these sites with GSA right?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Yes, you would need to get them hosted on 50 different ips/subnets for it to be worth while...

    and you want people to utilise these sites don't you? so yea, share the sites with the community so people can load them up in gsa and spam..

    or alternatively you could set up a sort of semi private network so to speak and only provide the url's to people that pay you a fee, but eventually people will find footprints and post to them anyway but yeah. share your sites once sven's added the ability to post to your platform.
  • Thanks man, I'm gonna find some money to invest, and buy myself an additional 40 domains with privacy + hosting!
  • Tim89Tim89
    that's ok, don't forget to pm me the urls when it's all ready! then all you need to do is ask Sven to implement the engine to post to it! good luck
  • I Will! Thanks for your advise! 
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