Free captcha cracking !! ( Recaptcha included! )

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One of my friends told me about this. The guys on ##### (I removed the name) are now offering free captcha cracking service on their VPS's !. They are using 7 different OCRs to do the job and Google Recaptcha is included !! and they can solve it with no troubles!!.

I though that Recaptcha is impossible to solve and I can clearly see that I was wrong!. Did anybody tried their service before ? Am I missing something ?

They even allow to install your own licensed GSA SER on the vps. I guess a service like this will drive the submissions to the sky without the expense.


  • OzzOzz
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    i dunno. i would be very cautious with those preloaded VPS services. if they gonna steal your license then you gained exactly nothing.

    furthermore i will "flag" this thread. not because i want to annoy you but someone else (i suppose S4nt0s) needs to review this before any damage might happen.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    I seem to remember someone having their licence suspended after using a service like this
  • @Ozz

    Well, I removed the name of the service just in case. I googled their service and everybody is talking very good about them. They have a solid reputation. Even if GSA SER is not allowed to be installed in their VPS they still have loads of other softwares installed with free recaptcha solving!! it's a steal.
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    Dear Sir,

    you license was share on that BHSVPS system you use. Maybe you didn't initiated it or you even allowed it but it is blacklisted now and the license will never work again.

    sven bansemer

    Anything possible to reactivate my license? using VPS is wrong?
    BHSVPS was found illegally distributing GSA software on its VPS. I guess you were one of the guys using these VPS with cracked software. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about this.
  • @Ozz

    Good to know that. thanks.


    Can you develop a new OCR in CB to solve Recaptcha like these guys are doing ? I guess the theory which says that Recaptcha is completely unbreakable is not correct now.

    These guys are doing it and I found another guy in Black Hat forums is renting an OCR with 50% success rate on Recaptcha !. Also I saw Mike the owner of CS is saying in a comment that he already knows this guy and he spokes to him multiple times about this amazing OCR.

    Maybe if you can develop it you can make an expensive CB special edition with Recaptcha support. An OCR like this will save us a ton of money.
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    By the sounds of it, they are using Mega Ocr
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    Omg, I just subscribed bhsvps and I saw this post now. Arhhhh.....................
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