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Why GSA creating profile links on social network module

I need some quick advice on something,I scraped & tested to find a list of 750 active links for social network module from various platforms.I tested two project so far to see how many live contextual links I get & so far only 220 & among them 53% are profile links only.I don't understand why the software creating profile links when there are no setup for this & I added article to post on social network module with my customized lists only.


  • Anyone can give me some advice or tips on this matter please?
  • Tim89Tim89
    This happens to me too! it's good and bad, when you set up a project for the purpose of contextual SN platforms, GSA also records the registered profile for that same site then I have to skip them and look for the actual posts.. on the other hand, its an additional link from that domain which you could potentially power up.

    so it's good and bad.
  • edited June 2013
    But I want only contextual links from that module no profile,is there anyway to turn it off or is there any plan to add that option along the road soon?
  • In the Options tab of your project you will have to uncheck all 3 Profiles under "Type of Backlinks to create"
  • @Ovidius, would you uncheck those 3 profiles for Tier 1 links?
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