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Which captcha service is best?

Which captcha service is the best at solving reCaptcha? and is the cheapest?


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    Anyone can comment which captcha service they use?

    Looking to make a change from deathbycaptcha...because of poor performance.

    Been looking into expertdecoders, imagedecoders, shanibpo or imagetypers...any reviews on these?

    Any other/better recommendations?

  • Captcha breaker. Totally worth the investment.

    See my past 3 days stats:


    80% success rate, saved $108.91 in just 3-4 days. Imagine spending those $108 on these services in just 3 days without earning a penny in the start.

    You can use those services as backup in my opinion, mainly for Web 2.0s maybe just, as it contains recaptchas. I honestly just don't care about those services now. I let my boy do the job.

    However, those services are very useful in email account creators for hotmail, etc. I just keep them reserved for it.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    As far as captcha services go Expert Decoders has been doing pretty good for me.
  • Had good results with shanibpo in the past
  • Expertdecoders seems to be closed..
  • How exactly do you configure captcha breaker to send recaptchas to deathbycaptcha? I have it set up in GSA to do that but when I look at my stats in CB it says recaptcha skipped but I never see a submission stats for my third party solver. Thanks in advance.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    @sweeppicker - If you want CB to directly send the captchas to DBC, then you need to go to your Options and choose the "Send captchas to the following service" option.
  • also make sure that "use all services" is choosen in the options for each project. when its working you should see an increasing number in the status bar like "C:6666|444" for instance.
  • Thanks for suggestions.

    I have Captcha Breaker, just wanted to use a captcha service for recaptcha sites.
  • OzzOzz
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    did you toggle the services for recaptcha?
    -> browse to recaptcha definition in CB -> right click recaptcha -> toggle use of service

    you also need to activate recaptcha by clicking the checkbox and (i believe) uncheck "only try to solve captchas with at least..." in CB options.
  • Man, I must be a retard because I don't see "-> browse to recaptcha definition in CB -> right click recaptcha -> toggle use of service" in CB. Any chance you could post a screenshot? Thanks alot.
  • ronron

    @sweeppicker, As my Dad used to say, "If it was a snake, it would have already bit you".

    Just pick any of the captcha categories, and literally right click as you hover over that category. You'll see.

  • Figured it out! Thanks!

    This video explains it well if anyone else is having trouble ...
  • ronron
    I never saw that video. That was excellent.
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