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Netscan Detected

I have been getting Netscan warnings from my VPS provider after using GSA SER and afraid I may lose my server.
I am using private proxies for everything expect verification. How do I fix this?



  • OzzOzz
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    are your proxies marked as "Private" in 'Options -> Submission -> Configure'? maybe post some screenshots of your proxy settings.
  • maybe it's because you don't use proxies for verifications, when you access thousands of websites per minute your VPS provider can see that as netscan.
  • @Ozz. Yes, they are.

    @sawa73. Yes, i had that deselected and it was doing a ton of verifications last night. Damn, wish I knew that could be a problem.
  • ronron
    Yeah you need to be proxied up on all SER functions. Are you using one of the main VPS providers that are usually discussed here, or are you using some random provider?
  • I'm using SolidSEOVPS wizard package. They suspect it was GSA as well. I also started using GScraper and that plows through thousands of proxies per hour but not sure if that could be an issue.
  • If you use the gscraper proxies service, i think this is the issue.
  • ronron
    It would be great @sweeppicker if you could enlighten us on how that provider is. He sometimes plugs himself on this board, but that is ok. The more vps providers the merrier.
  • They have been rock solid. Very good customer support.
  • @ron, I concur, I dropped one Berman VPS in favour of SolidSEO in the hope of getting better support and I haven't yet been disappointed.
  • So guys I'll be running GSA with private proxies enabled for everything including verification. That should take care of GSA causing any netscan problems. To those of you who are running GScaper using their proxies have you experienced the same issue? Thanks
  • The problems with GScraper proxies is most are dead, so they send you tons of proxies.

    Recently i ran GScraper for 11 hours and i received 223k proxies, you have to access each one with your real IP in order to test them. This can be consider as netscan by VPS provider and you will receive mail like this :

    "a netscan was deteceted from your IP. Using proxy hunters or similar softwares, which are scanning ranges from IP’s is not allowed and it is considered network hack attempt.
    Please take all necessary measures to avoid that in the future, because it can lead to server suspension."
  • SvenSven
    A netscan is usually happening if you scan for working proxies and proxies in the list are on the same net (e.g. - ... 103 ...). GSA SER however is not scanning the proxies one after the other but in random order to not trigger a net/port scan. So I suspect it is GScraper.
  • So how are people using their proxy service then?
  • Hey Guys,

    Time to come clean - I am that loser who reads all the great information that you all provide (Ron, Ozz and others - looking at you) and never comments.  Sorry guys! I was about to become that even bigger loser who only signs up to comment when he has a problem and then needs help.  Man, this is like therapy for me.  Anyway, I am new to all this - went with Solid SEO VPS, Private Proxies from Proxy Hub and Captcha Sniper.  In my first couple of weeks I had all types of problems - including making the same mistake as Sweeppicker and not having all the Proxy stuff checked off, so my VPS was getting complaints.

    What actually saved all you guys from hearing me whine about all my problems on the forums was the fact the support at Solid SEO VPS has been incredible.  They respond at all hours and actually configured GSA so I had the Proxies setup right - as opposed to terminating my account.  I know there have been a few threads about VPS and I can't speak for the other options, but Solid SEO has definitely done me right.  No, I don't work for me, you would not want to use any VPS that would employ me:)

    I should point out none of my problems have been GSA Ser fault - what a simply incredible piece of software.   A big thanks for the constant updates - Sven, et all.  

    Thanks again to the whole community, I am sure there are others like me, quietly reading all your sage advice.

    Have a great weekend,

  • Yup. Solid SEO VPS is the best VPS provider I know of. I really like them.They are incredibly helpful and take care of you right away if their is a problem. I am renting two Wizard packages from them and they absolutely scream. It's impossible to max out the bandwith. 1 Gbps both ways ;)
  • ronron
    The reason I asked @sweeppicker for his opinion was because everybody complains about their vps. Its a good thing to have a few quality options. I know this thread didn't start in this direction. So now we have a couple glowing testimonials. Now let's get back to the original issue. I think it was Gscraper personally. I own it and I think if you are going to use it without their private proxies, I would probably run it from home. I wouldn't put a vps at risk.
  • Hah. Funny u say that Ron because I decided to run it at home today. No problems so far. Fingers crossed. Great program.
  • i run gscraper @ about 1500 threads with their public proxy deal, never had any issues like what has been discussed here
  • @pvdoor: if you just registered because you want to praise your VPS provider than GTFO imo. sorry to say that, but that provider used some silly tactics on this board to advertise their service and i can't take them serious. no matter how good they are or not.
  • The above few posts are not only slightly, but obviously biased, towards a certain SEO VPS. No, if you're a happy user, you didn't praise that much too. It's too cheesy.

    1 Gbps because they have a handful of clients. That is not how you decide a good company. Let's see if they are able to get throught the growing and scaling phase, then I'll pay attention.

    I'd rather get 100Mbps guaranteed bandwidth with dedicated rathern than 1 Gbps shared. Any day.
  •  @Audioguy. I dont have an agenda. Ron asked me what I thought and I shared my opinion. I could care less what other people use. Whatever floats your boat.
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    @audioguy, @Ozz did you ever tried us? if you havent how come you judge us? and how do you know we have a handful clients or thousands? We respect your opinion about us and we dont blame you. we did made a mistake here before when we first started promoting ourself and honestly this was the only forum we did that in but I have not wrote here once after i talked to sven. But if you guys fight every single customer that wrote a review about us and we havent asked them to do so. There is an issue here for sure. Anyway we appreciate the good and bad reviews. We are providing the best support and business we can provide for our customers and we are not trying to make anyone looks bad here or there. People decided what they want. But you dont have to fight anyone just for bringing us up. Thanks
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    @audioguy I've seen their backend lol, they have many many many many clients and many servers. Its not 1gbps shared its a 10gbps connection with a max of 10 people per server... I've never had less than 500mbs from them. Also their support is top notch, every time I've had an issue I get a reply within an hour or two. Don't judge someone you don't use. 

    Their servers have ALWAYS held up no matter what software we use, GSA, SB, XRumer, doesn't matter the servers always stay solid (no pun intended).
  • @Ozz See this is why people like me don't comment.  No, I didn't register to praise my VPS - I have better things to do.  I'm not an affiliate, I just wanted to add something to the conversation.  Not trying to cause problems and I clearly don't understand the etiquette here.  I thought other people might be wondering if this VPS was any good, so I gave my opinion.  End of story.  Was just trying to give my honest opinion - as @Sweeppicker said - could care less who everyone uses.

    Look guys, I don't want any trouble...Google gives me enough of that.  I will go back to being quiet.
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    I had a bit trouble too with my VPS provider and also with my ISP at home. My ISP called me one day and really scared the shit out of me, that they have my data and they wont hesitate to give it out when they catch me hacking. they were talking about credit card fraud and what the heck i was doing. i dont know much about all that technical stuff, to be honest. I'm even having a hard time to pay with my own credit card lol.

    well, little do they know. i was doing my first 300k+ blast that day. GSA is such a neat piece of software. but if your using GSA that heavy, it might trigger "something", whatever it is. it definitely is sth most people dont expect and most ISP-employees never heard of.

    To make a long story short, that day i purchased and now im hiding my arse behind that. Might not be necessary, but its a bulletproof option to avoid any kind of trouble (this is also true for copyright issues when your adding images etc.)

    It's 10 euros a month and makes me sleep well at night. It doesnt slow down GSA, LpM is 150-200 constantly.

    Best Regards
  • ronron
    edited July 2013

    I probably started all of this by asking the @sweeppicker the question. But the reason I did ask him in the first place is because he is not a schill or a plant - I know him from another forum, he has credibility, and I trusted that his opinion would be 'clean and fair'. Just so everyone knows.

    @Ozz was right - the way this whole thing went down on the board with @solidseovps a month ago was not the proper way to do it. And then @pvdoor seizing the opportunity to write a long-ass review when all I did was ask @sweeppicker a quick question seemed a bit overkill (and seemed just a tad coincidental), if you know what I mean. This thread has really nothing to do with choosing a vps.

    Having said all that, I am not criticizing anybody at this point. The point I really wanted to make is that there seems to be a shortage of seo friendly vps providers out there. And for every genuine compliment for those that are endorsed here and at other forums, I hear 10 more horror stories. So my main motivation was just to get some real feedback - that I could trust - out in the open for myself and others.

    And for those reading this, we all check to see how long you have been a member. So if you crash the party on your first post with a big vendor endorsement, it will always be suspicious. And in 99% of those cases, it probably is bullshit. So if you have a big endorsement to make, try to become an active member of the board first before you get all kissy-face about some vendor. Just get some forum credibility *first* is all I am saying.

  • @Startrip In your previous VPS, didn't you use proxies? How could you get caught then?
  • For a few of those posts above me, you know who you are, don't mix up your accounts while posting. Just saying. :p

    @sweeppicker I apologize. Thanks for clarifying.
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    @ron thanks for the clarification and that everyone including myself had a chance to clear their point. I am agreeing with you this thread was not intended to the  purpose of promoting a vps provider which ended up being us but to solve an issue someone is experiencing. so Lets get back to the purpose of this thread so it might help someone in the future i hope as a reference also might save us extra work at the support, this netscan seems to be detected by many providers that we use not only hetzner alone as a netscan specially when it comes to proxies and its not GSA issue more than its a user setting issue most of the time. Also if user is running the free proxies that comes with GSA and have the setting on more than 100 proxies to harvest every couple minutes/hours/days. its for sure will endup with a datacenter abuse. Thats why we recommended that GSA user running on our servers at least or any other vps provider would use dedicated/private proxies to avoid this proxy harvest detection (netscan as the datacenter would call it). We try to help as much as we can without them having to come back here again we also recommended them to check the private box for all submission, harvesting as well as verification that was made available in the latest releases to avoid this issue. I have reported this issue to Sven today i am sure he will find a way around it but honestly its not gsa to be blame more than mostly users dont do the right settings. so I hope Sven would have a solution out of the box for it.
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