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Possibly to 'link' urls and anchors?

I know we can add anchors to specific urls in the content areas but what about the main urls in the top section?  I have say 10 urls each with different anchors I want to promote without having to make 10 separate projects.



  • you mean like{primary1.1|primary1.2}#{secondary1.1|secondary2.1}{primary2.1|primary2.2}#{secondary2.1|secondary2.2}
  • Hi yes exactly, thanks so much!
  • your welcome. hit the test button though to check if everything is working like expected.
  • Yup worked great, cheers.
  • Actually one more question then, tried this in Website title but not sure if it's ok there, just showed the code not the actual link/anchor.
  • hmm, not sure if this is possible. that said, i'm not a "macro" expert by any means. maybe @AlexR knows a solution as i believe that in former life people called him "Macro Polo" ;).
  • Hehe ok thanks, probably not possible as that's an anchor field only I'd assume.  Will just use generics there.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    What did you try in website title?
  • if i understood correctly than medway wants to use his url specific anchors as website title as well.
  • Hi yes was trying to use the same format there but didn't seem to be parsing it.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I use my primary and secondary anchors in my website title all the time. :-) Just check you have correct macro code and check it's spelling. 
  • Alex are you doing it with the format Ozz showed?{primary1.1|primary1.2}#{secondary1.1|secondary2.1}{primary2.1|primary2.2}#{secondary2.1|secondary2.2}

    I need multiple urls with different anchors related to each.  Not just primary and secondary.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Yes, but you can only use the primary and secondary anchor macros in the title if you do it this way. Sven said he won't add LSI or other options into an URL format. So if you use the URL format you mentioned, you can only use primary and secondary anchors. (I hope that explains it a bit more) 
  • ok yea not worried about prim and secondary or other options as long as I can put in {keyword|keyword2}

    So when you use the Test function it doesn't show the output as the keyword?  When I use Test I just see

    I dont actually see it as 


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven -

    if I setup URLs as{primary1.1|primary1.2}#{secondary1.1|secondary2.1}{primary2.1|primary2.2}#{secondary2.1|secondary2.2}

    and I setup LSI to 30% & Branding to 30% in my project options.
    1) Am I correct that if SER picks URL02 it will only use the primary and secondary and ignore the branding and LSI %?
    2) if its chosen URL00 then it will apply the branding and LSI %? 
    (since these don't have the primary and secondary in URL and will thus use the project settings in SER) 

  • SvenSven

    1) No it will use use the other anchor texts as well from the input fields

    2) see 1) ;)

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