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Question about moving server

spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
edited June 2013 in Need Help
Hi @Sven my old server crashed and wouldnt boot. Berman gave me new server and put the old disk on my new server under E:/ . I can see GSA stuff there, and so I moved it across to C:/ drive (Program Files folder). Now, when I open SER / SEI / CB it is all demo version and all my logs, URLs are not present :(  What did I miss?


  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Solved... copied over E:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker too. Seems ok.

  • next time you can also use the "backup all" function when 'right clicking project -> modify -> backup all'. but to copy the folders does also work, is a bit risky though, if you miss some folders for instance.
  • Sorry to revive a very old thread. But does 'Backup all projects' option backup all my imported urls also?

  • @sarav as long as they're in the project cache I think so. So just do not clear the project cache and the projects should be copied 1:1.
  • thanks @theseo1, I meant the urls I imported using Options -> Advanced -> Tools -> Import urls (identify platforms and sort in).

  • No, the project backup is just backing up the projects. For backing up the 'slots' verified / failed / submitted / identified, just c&p them into a separated location or create a .zip of all 4 and afterwards import them into the right location again.
  • OK. so basically the 'options' we need to reconfigure again.

     that make sense.

    since the backup option is only pertaining to projects.

  • Just moved the project to New vps. It is working as good as working in the earlier setup.

    Thanks theseo1

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