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Google proxy block



  • @rodol is one I'm using and they seem quite good for public proxies.  Testing on one install of SER and I'm getting 50-60 LPM which isn't bad for public proxies
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    @davbel, are you submitting to contextual anchor text sources or just blog comments?
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I think some times the proxy block message is wrong.

    For instance, on a few occasions I clicked the query where I got the proxy ban message for Google and there was no results. I think that maybe SER is mistaking no results for a query as a proxy ban, but I might be wrong on this.
  • I think mostly GSA SER is getting it right b/c there's been an incredible drop in LPM for most everyone and IP bans would explain that perfectly.  Going from 50 -60 LPM to 5-6 LPM when nothing has changed, not even the GSA SER version means IP addresses are being shot down a lot.  From what I hear, even private proxies too.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Yes I agree that IP bans are happening faster than ever.

    I'm using 50 dedicated proxies from BuyProxies and seeing the bans happen more often.

    I think a great idea would be to have an option in SER to not use the InURL:, etc. footprints as often or not at all.

    Having this option would be easier than going through all the .ini files for the people that don't really know how to edit them properly.
  • @cecildee bit of everything, but of late I've been doing a lot more low quality spamming as the niches I'm working on seem to work best that way
  • Same here. Proxies are banned very quickly but if I ask GSA to check proxies, all come back ok for Google. I have to keep doing this every 30 mins
  • @nitinsy not sure who spotted it first, but you have search on google and then test for a word on the result page to see if google has banned your proxy
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    Reason some of you get mixed results ban/good proxies is because google will ban only advance operators searches such as inurl: +keyword but you will still be able to do regular searches such as normal search term or "powered by footprint" +keyword.

    It will not surprise me if google stop supporting inurl:.
    Lets hope not because many footprints depend on that.
  • @davbel - immediately testing proxies with GSA shows they are working fine. Although I have not tested by manually googling
    @jpvr90 - this could be the problem. I did notice there were no results displayed for the query in Google. Not sure if it is because of no results that GSA assumes proxies are banned. 

    Would like Sven to confirm.
  • SvenSven
    It only puts out a warning for an empty reply or when it sees the message on google for being banned.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - "but you have search on google and then test for a word on the result page to see if google has banned your proxy"

    Does SER proxy checker:
    a) Do a search on Google and look for a test word on results page?
    b) Does it only try and load the Google page and look for a string on the Google load page?

    It's just I recently noticed that some proxies showed up as passed, but when I loaded them in my browser I could load the Google page, but only when I did a search was it blocked. 

  • a) if you define your custom string that way than yes. remember the example someone posted some days ago (search for 'college football' 'ESPN').
  • SvenSven

    a) what @Ozz said

    b) it loads and searches for a string that should always be there.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ozz, @Sven - thanks!

    Surely this should be the default we test Google against? An actual search query, rather than just seeing if loads? 

    It might explain why many people say proxies are showing as working in SER, while SB is showing them as down. 
  • SvenSven
    Well I could do a search for "GSA Search Engine Ranker" but I hear them screaming already.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
  • yup, as @AlexR mentioned .... I was one of those users that wasn't aware of the trick with testing proxies against Google :P

    but for now, I have another problem.. GSA tests my private proxies against google... 
    if proxy doesn't pass google test it doesn't mean it is not anonymous and not worth being used for posting...
    does anyone have a workaround for this or is it possible to include this 'diffirence' in usage?

    all the time 14/20 proxies pass google test and other 6 are disabled and not used for anything - waste of resources... am I wrong or sth can be done with this?
  • SvenSven
    Why testing your private proxies anyway when you know they are working? Or test them against bing or some custom URL.
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    maybe I don't get at all how proxy test should be used...
    I use my private proxies for everything except for verification and identification.

    I am sure that my proxies are anonymous - so I can enable all of them
    I am not sure that my proxies are google enabled - so I have to test them (with custom test)
    As a result - proxy tester disables some of my proxies which are anonymous but not google enabled

    I could use them (these disabled) to submit but not scrape targets - but with current situation I can't use them neither to scrape nor to submit. 
    For me, it is pointless to select them all and skip testing, if I'm gonna see lots of "proxy block" in log
  • SvenSven
    Do you use google only as search engine? I would use many others as well. If you miss one result from the google-proxy banned one, who cares? There is still enough from other search engines and other proxies.
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    of course I'm using also ask, yahoo, bing... but you know google serves the best results and that's why I focus on this problem...
    I think everyone sees the difference between scraping only google and other SE... I mean submission stats...and finding new targets
  • I have the same problem this morning, was just checking up on GSA SER and my is blocked by google.
    So i have currently stopped it in hopes after a few hours the block will dissapear.

    Using 50 private proxies and running 300 threads, the GSA indexer is running 200 threads.

    Hopefully someone here has an answer as to what i happening , looks like google is cracking down on GSA lol
  • Hmm while testing my proxies against google , it says that they all work
    When i do the same with bing or whatmyip, they all fail besides 2 of them.

    On top of that i get IP blocked on "Zapmeta uk" "izitu uk" "Clusty" "google" "IXQuick" "google AG"

    Not looking good :/ Prolly wait until tomorrow i dare to try again, dont want to be perma banned
  • sth wrong with custom test.... even if I paste 'whatever' as a search string - most of my proxies pass the test, but they shouldn't
  • @ragnar23 @bnaimy read my comment here

    try inurl:wordpress
    i am sure it will not pass. google will ban advance search operators only but will allow regular/normal searches.
  • So it means that everyone is stranded at the moment and wont be able to do much until
    a solution is ready.

    I guess i just have to wait then, thanks for the info jpvr90
  • edit all engines to 'not use' advanced operators?? omg...
  • How does one "Not use" advanced operator ??

    If there is such a thing in GSA, did look around but did not find any !!

    Sry if this sounds like a stupid question, i am very new to this :)
  • in engine files there is line that contains all footprints used to search for targets... every engine has its own file - there is no option to skip them - for this moment
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