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Sven - Check PR with proxies option

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests
Hi sven
thank you for adding option "check PR with proxies",
but to use this option first we have to select option "Search" with proxies,
then "check PR with proxies" become active .

Personally I dont like to "Search" with proxies as it slow and proxies dies quickly.

can you pleaseeeee add option "Check Page Rank" with proxies only without selecting "search" option .

thank you


  • moved to "Feature Requests".
  • You can use that option with proxies set to posting only, so it won't slow down searching
  • SvenSven
    Will get fixed in 4.31. It's just a cosmetic fix as the proxy will be used as long proxies are enabled (even if the box is disabled when no "for search engines" is on).
  • thank you sven
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