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keyword spin %spinfolder-C problem

i follow the instructions on another discussion and created this structure as keywords
%spinfolder-C:\Users\administrator\Documents\AAAA\100k keywords%
i have 300 files in that folder each containing 1000 keywords one per line.

when SER goes to search for a footprint it uses all 1000 keywords from a random file in the same query 
ex: 10:04:53: [ ] 000/000 [Page END] results on google NZ for Article Dashboard with query "Article RSS Feeds" "Most Popular Articles" "Member Login" "Submit Articles"  followed by 1000 keywords

what have i set up wrong
please advice

thank you



  • SvenSven
    spinfolder reads the whole content of a file not one line as spinfile would do.
  • you need to spintax that file with {|||}

    use this tool made by @kaykay

  • Thank You

    After i spin all the files what is the macro syntax to choose a random file from the folder and then a random keyword from the spin?
  • the macro you used in OP should work fine.
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